pvp/pve spec question

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Re: pvp/pve spec question

#16 » Post by Caprii » 29 Dec 2012 14:03

On Spermik, we had a guild website..
I wrote a comprehensive mage guide there.
I'll try to dig it up :D

It's a bit outdated, and it covers just the choice of race etc...
I could write a guide here for all 3 specs for PvE.
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Re: pvp/pve spec question

#17 » Post by Dragonmaster » 03 Jan 2013 00:05

FFB is VERY strong in t9/t10, before that Arcane typically puts out more damage.
As far as PVP goes, i prefer fire, it's extreme glass cannon, but if you can control that cannon....
You can also through in some Fireball, though in my experiance it was very rarely better then FFB, and the times it was, is due only to the fact of double resistances from the bosses being ignored on half of FFB.

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