Anyone have a good Fire Mage PVP Build?

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Anyone have a good Fire Mage PVP Build?

#1 » Post by Freezetime » 06 May 2013 18:51

Looking for a good Fire Mage PVP Build

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Re: Anyone have a good Fire Mage PVP Build?

#2 » Post by ribbaribbahey » 18 Jul 2013 20:06

This is mine, i am testing 2xIgnite on Inzs' advice. It is really good because World in flames allows you to get some more chances to proc pyros from living bomb. The glyphs are evocation, polymorph and - living bomb (which i prefear) or scortch. ... rcurio&s=1

This one is instead a frost-fire spec, i don't suggest it if you are looking for some fire arenas (no imp counterspell and mana shield are the main problem) ... BASSUDBAAS
The glyphs are evo, polymorph and - scortch or icy veins ( the glyph of living bomb can break your roots because its crit chance raises from Shatter)
If you are confident with fire mages but undergeared this spec allows you to crit via Shatter, root them for some guaranted critical strike. It has 2 spare talents, put them where they fit your playstyle. Keep in mind that -70% pushback on a spec that won't allow you to shield constantly is good (you won't be wasting your roots on the enemy's pet for example).

If you aren't confident with fake casting i suggest you to take Burning Determination.

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