Lightwell - Working as intended?

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Lightwell - Working as intended?

#1 » Post by Deathswalker » 26 Nov 2014 22:21

Hello everyone,
I really like holy priest healing, and because I've been having a lot of fun in pvp with it lately, I started using lightwell. It's amazing, but there seems to be one downside. No, it's not other people won't click it. It's that I can click it once. I thought because it had 10 charges, i should be able to use it 10 times, if nobody else uses it (maybe with an internal cooldown, I mean 5k health/sec for 30 sec would be nice on a tank in PVE). Is this working as intended ? -> Lightwell having 10 charges, but only usuable once per character

Thanks in advance :D
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