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Prepatch discussion

#1 » Post by ccfus » 03 May 2017 21:50

Hi folks,

I'm trying to learn the ins and outs of priest, mainly shadow. For reading, would TBC guides to gear be relevant but Woltk guides to talent and stat weight calculations? Or the narrow window of Wrath prepatch?

TBC: ... fectively/ ... nd-gearing

Wrath: ... 1085917795

EDIT: Lots of good reading form

SImcraft stuff I found that I'm going to root around in: ... 61&t=14607

As for prepatch talents, PvE-wise it will be interesting to see if specing into meditation will be needed if everything dies too fast: Floating point between Shadow Power and Shadow Reach. Now if VT will not change to give mana back and fights are too long, does sacrificing VT make sense? I don't think it will, but a discussion point none the less.

If you've raided in prepatch, please comment below!
As for PvP, Imp Fort over Imp VE? And at what crit rate is Shadow Power worth? If always worth, then moving the Disc points seems best.

As you can tell, more questions than answers. Some of these are probably dumb to begin with, but I'm willing to ask 'em to get a discussion going.
-Moral Orel


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