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Assas Rogue Dps Question

Posted: 14 Sep 2013 05:23
by Peanuts
Hi everyone ive just been wondering which setup is best for an assasination rogue for pve dps. Attack power stacking or full haste stacking? Also what speed daggers would be the optimal one for each kind?

Sorry in advance if someone has asked this alredy

Re: Assas Rogue Dps Question

Posted: 14 Sep 2013 07:34
by Toxic Reaper
The 51/18/2 setup is generally best after a certain gear threshold

As for gemming when you switch to this build i think it better to go higher haste so more stacking
yellow= +20 Haste
red= +40 Attack Power/ +20 Attackpower and 10 Haste
blue= any of the above depending what u feel u need but 1 blue must be [Nightmare Tear] to activate meta gem(Relentless Earthsiege Diamond)
Don't worry about gemming for socket bonus if it is arp, for agility/attack power it's your choice to decide if socket bonus is worth it

Highest DPS dagger mainhand, have at least one fast dagger in either hand.
Fastest dagger - Deadly Poison, Other dagger - Instant Poison.

Gear you want 2p t10(i would suggest pants/hands) then icc gear you want is with crit/haste arp gear isn't that great. Expertise you need 26/26(boe ilvl 264 chest and t10 pants are gotten for this stat)

Glyphs: must haves Hunger for Blood and Mutilate the 3rd Glyph is between Tricks of the Trade(the bonus damage granted duration increased by 4sec) and Fan of Knives(only usefull on trash)

As for trinkets in terms of assassin dps:
Whispering Fanged Skull (Hc)
Tiny Abomination in a Jar (Hc)
Tiny Abomination in a Jar/Herkuml War Token (very small difference taj generally wanted for its hit rating cause as you start reaching bis as rogue you might start lacking hit)
Deathbringer's Will (hc)
Whispering Fanged Skull
Deathbringer's Will

Re: Assas Rogue Dps Question

Posted: 14 Sep 2013 08:47
by Folkk
This sums it up.

Re: Assas Rogue Dps Question

Posted: 14 Sep 2013 09:53
by Martynas
Consult a spreadsheet from the link posted above for the best results.

Re: Assas Rogue Dps Question

Posted: 14 Sep 2013 12:13
by Peanuts
Cheers to all for quick feedback :)