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Re: Rogues

#16 » Post by Brizo » 21 Nov 2011 10:25

for me it works out well >> they jump around while they have 5 point bleed on them >> if pop COS and sprint there life is gone be so low and vanish re open will kell em. As ur Stun LOck , mages will simple kite our stuns and its more like wasting 5 combo points.

Any ways every one has there own style, So np here .. :P

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Re: Rogues

#17 » Post by Arnoxis » 21 Nov 2011 19:13

well if you beat tassadar like that okay :D

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Re: Rogues

#18 » Post by candelariam » 17 Nov 2014 07:02

Velasong wrote:best racials hmm

blood elfs arcane torrent is good for the energy return an silence

humans every man for himself is good instead of using a trinket

undeads will of the forsaken for getting out of fear,charm an sleep effects

trolls berserking,hmm kinda not needed imo,tho good if u like to hit faster at times

orcs bloodfury is good for a bit more damage

gnomes escape artists is good if u get snared,rooted etc

is that all the races that can be rogue?

as for gems,attack power,agility, memory is a bit rusty so if i miss something say so

in the end,id say choose a race u like.i roll blood elfs cause i like their looks,history an racial

for leveling any spec could work,tho combat is the easiest.subtlety is my fave pvp spec :P
Forgetting what is possibly the best rogue.

Dwarves!!! - can detect lockboxes for easy pickpocket leveling and there are a LOT of chests that are easy to miss leveling up
Also stone form is amazing for dealing with Death Knights in pvp, preventing an attack speed loss and reducing their dps, especially by those unholy death knights.
Mace specialization makes combat specc even more deadly, although doesn't help at all with the other 2.
Frost resistance... if there's any expansion period to have it in, this is the one.
Not to mention they look amazing as engineers/special operative dwarves dropping down and parachuting from a flying machine.
Goblin engineering complements both looks, and style of a dwarf rogue by adding more damage, stuns, range, and utility to the mix.
Again, goblin engineering+dwarf rogue is mostly a style preference, but still amazing.

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