Recommended professions

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Recommended professions

#1 » Post by .tristan » 27 Oct 2015 23:24

Not pvp or pve specfic, can y'all show me some pro's and cons about certain professions?

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Re: Recommended professions

#2 » Post by leamas03 » 27 Oct 2015 23:38

Blacksmith - Gold generation, particularly if you get your hands on rare patterns like sageblade, lionheart helm, etc. They're pretty rare though, and there's not a lot of other reasons you should consider this profession.

Alchemy - Gold generation, convenience. Get the flask recipes, mageblood potions, major mana potions, and go to town. Couple with Herbalism for maximum reward, sell your shit on raid days when all the slackers get to pay exorbitant prices for being slackers.

Engineer - Useful in PvP and PvE. Bombs in PvE, Shadow reflector and other gadgets in PvP. Will do well in BC as well when you get to fly around grabbing motes from clouds. Also you get to make your own Fleshlight, which is really cool.

Tailor - Caster DPS should almost all take this. You get profession bonuses for 3/3 Bloodvine with 300 tailoring (2% crit). It'll be nice to have 300 tailoring in BC as well as LK expansions. Some rare patterns like Core Felcloth Bags, and gold generation with plain ol' bags.

Enchanting - High gold generation, raid often and make a name for yourself as an enchanter. Enchant for everyone, don't be a jerk. Get some rare enchants and swing a small profit.

Leatherworking - Hide of the Wild, some other recipes, cured rugged hide. Small generation, still useful.

Jewelcrafting and Inscription aren't released. Other gathering professions are useful generally speaking.
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Re: Recommended professions

#3 » Post by .kurthos » 27 Nov 2015 22:06

Only choice for any melee dps is engineering for gnomish battle chicken which gives 5% melee haste to your party.

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