Which totem is BiS?

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Which totem is BiS?

#1 » Post by Rehan » 23 May 2014 14:47

I'm playing an Enhancement shaman and I'm not sure which EOF totem is BiS.
Both the ENHA and the ELE totems seem good for Enhancement.

The enhancement one stacks attack power up to 438.
The elemental one stacks haste rating up to 220.

My current haste is at 10.95% unbuffed and my AP is at 4868 unbuffed, I also have double berserk and brewfest trinket.

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Re: Which totem is BiS?

#2 » Post by Vaen » 23 May 2014 15:07

For pve? Probably Ele one. In pvp the AP one would be better I think.
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Re: Which totem is BiS?

#3 » Post by keez » 23 May 2014 15:48

The elemental is bis for enha

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Re: Which totem is BiS?

#4 » Post by Nyaneve » 23 May 2014 16:48

Sure, Bizuri's totem is BiS. But its only BiS under certain conditions. Unless those conditions are satisfied, Avalanche would be better than Bizuri's totem.

1) Haste is only viable once you cross the 1k threshold fully buffed. This 1k includes the buff from the totem.
2) The stat weight of haste becomes far higher with the T10 4P bonus, ensuring a higher proc rate of maelstrom weapon, and consequently a higher uptime of the bonus. Tiny Abomination in a Jar also scales incredibly well with haste, which is why its BiS (along with the fact that the trinket's proc procs Windfury weapon).
3) Haste and attack power are highly correlated. This remains true to enhancement, assassination, combat, feral, unholy and retribution. The only physical-based DPS classes that don't scale incredibly well with haste at this patch are warriors and hunters.
4) At your gear level, AP will net you a higher DPS gain than haste due to the fact that your spells and attack will hit harder.
5) However, I would not recommend getting Avalanche as the buff from that totem has a far higher ramp-up time than Bizuri's totem due to the rather long CD on Stormstrike. It also has a lower net uptime, meaning a significant break in the fight will force you to sit and wank while waiting for the buff to ramp up (slowly and painfully). Another mechanic to factor in is the bugged Maelstrom weapon on TW, where sometimes the Maelstrom buff does not get consumed when you use lightning bolt (the oddity being that all other spells seemingly have no issue consuming the buff). Lightning bolt at 5 stacks of Maelstrom being your highest priority, you would naturally be breaking that particular key or your mouse button trying to consume Maelstrom, and you may miss out on certain other abilities.
7) Also, you have absolutely no expertise from your gear. Sitting at 9 expertise while trying to itemize for endgame is a useless excercise. I would advise getting the T9 gloves, which net you a juicy amount of expertise, and gemming for the rest. T10, sadly, offers no expertise at all. Another option could also be replcing one of your rings with the Rotface drop.
8) Also it would be adviseable to replace all your leather gear with mail gear itemized with both agility and intellect. Agi + intel would offer you a larger gross of AP, which in my opinion would outweigh the loss of certain other stats such as haste or crit.

TL;DR: Get the T9 gloves, gem for missing expertise, get more mail gear, get the T10 4P and finally coming to your intial question DON'T GET BIZURI'S TOTEM YET!!!

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Re: Which totem is BiS?

#5 » Post by mcheka » 23 Jun 2014 19:07

I realize that this thread is old and you don't need my answer anymore, but for other enhancement shammies who have this question in the future: As stated, the ele totem is better at high gear levels, but you shouldn't get it until you've bought your 4pc T10 with EoFs.

The best answer, but which will take work on your part, is to get EnhSim and Rawr (and SimCraft, optionally), learn to use them, and check which is better in your current gear for yourself. EnhSim is significantly more accurate than Rawr but takes more work to use especially when you want to see which items are upgrades or not, although there's an option to import a Rawr character. SimCraft is another option to use instead of EnhSim, but EnhSim is generally a bit better for enhancement shammies.
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