Hordecore's Spec Lists

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Hordecore's Spec Lists

#1 » Post by Universe » 18 Mar 2011 23:16

Hey guys, Universe again ;)

Here is a very nice arena, bg, world pvp spec for Resto shamans, it has all the usability for PVP resto shamans to survive hella alot of dps while keeping themselfs up and running from alot of different dps classes out there.. At end it just depends on your gear and how you survive vs others out there..

Resto Strawberrys PWN 3.3.5 Spec PVP:-

http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?shaman# ... pqRO,12213

Notice:- This spec has all you need to PVP in Arenas (2v2's, 3v3's) BGS, World pvp.
Pros:- Makes your Healing Wave, Lesser Healing Wave & Earth Shield Powerful. Gives you a shield from stoneclaw totem, as well as ghost wolf for running around from others.. Spec can be used in Raiding but it doesnt give bonus to Chain Heal, you can use it in 5man, 10man's but as a main tanks healer only.

Cons:- Not a good spec for Pve, Doesnt give you alot of crit so it's very gear dependent, pvp gear needed.

Resto Healing Strawberrys 3.3.5 Spec PVE:-

http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?shaman# ... t-RO,12213

Notice:- This is a standard Raid Healing spec which is for 10M, 25M's. Put earth shield on main tank, if there is no main tank resto shaman, and just chain heal your way thru after using riptide. The glyphs here are chosen to improve earthshield, talents help it as well so you can just put it on tank and forget it for next 30-40 sec's or the charges to be finished before reapplying, so Chain heal will be you prime heal, as well as lesser healing wave when tank is taking too much heavy dps so you can help tank healer a bit here and there..

Pros:- Pve spec, raid healing spec, chain heal is your main heal.. Heavy support to Earthshield, riptide and Chain heal..

Cons:- PVE healing only, not the best in pvp healing..

Elemental Pwnage 3.3.5 PVP:-

http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?shaman# ... 6qRO,12213

Notice:- This spec is for Elemental PVP spec, which is not a standard spec but more customized by me..
The glyphs used here, suits me perfectly and the gameplay is a bit different then a normal ele spec.. here i choose survival with heavy dps increase to my lava burst so it can hit harder..

Pros:- Heavy dps spec, pays attention to survival as well, suited for pvp in all areas.

Cons:- Gets beaten by if ganged by enemys, has issues with melee at times.. good enough for pve as well..

Elemental Str8 Up Gangsta 3.3.5 PVE:-

http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?shaman# ... aHOR,12213

Notice:- Pwn spec for Elemental dps pve shamans, with improved melee totems for raid.

Pros:- Everything you need, nothing you dont need..

Cons:- No cons, it's a perfect raid spec, heroic spec..

How did you like these spec's.. They are the spec's I use back on retail and will use on my Shaman once, he is 80.. Enjoy. ;)
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Re: Hordecore's Spec Lists

#2 » Post by Osyris » 12 May 2011 12:38

Regarding the "Resto Healing Strawberrys 3.3.5 Spec PVE" spec
Whats the reason for not taking Healing grace? (http://old.wowhead.com/spell=29191/healing-grace) 15% threat reduction isn't any good?

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Re: Hordecore's Spec Lists

#3 » Post by 2012 » 08 Nov 2011 17:42

Hey Hordecore here..

The reason why 15% threat reduction is not taken is because in PVE spec.. any good tank can take over agroo like a hog and for you to massive heal, you wouldnt take agroo unless the tank is no good..
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