PreRaid gear and BiS for Shamans

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PreRaid gear and BiS for Shamans

#1 » Post by .tomylbdp » 18 Jul 2015 17:06

Hey guys well as you might know since im posting here, im leveling a shaman and i'd like to know a list of the preraid and bis gear for enhancement shamans, it'd be really useful.
Thanks in advance ^_^

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Re: PreRaid gear and BiS for Shamans

#2 » Post by lokabi » 19 Jul 2015 04:35

Do not, by any means, have the best knowlage but will ge glad to share what I considered best gearing up for raids :

Head - Backwood Helm (Quest in DM west)
Neck - Pendant of Celerity (Lord Valthalak in UBRS)
Shoulder - Black Dragonscale Shoulders (LW)
Back - Cape of the Black Baron (Baron Rivendare in Stratholme)
Chest - Savage Gladiator Chain (BRD - Gorosh the Dervish)/Black Dragonscale Breastplate (counting the 3-set bonus, LW)
Wrist - Bracers of the Eclipse (Prince Tortheldrin in DM West)
Gloves - Voone´s Vice Grips (Quest in LBRS)
Waist - Warpwood Binding (Tendris Warpwood in DM west)
Legs - Black Dragonscale Leggings (LW)
Boots - Windreaver Greaves (Kirtonos the Herald in Scholo summonable boss by finishing a quest)
Ring - Don Julio's Band (Exalted to AV, not sure if it is disabled or not) / Ring - Painweaver Band (General Drakkisath in UBRS)
Ring (Hit) - Tarnished Elven Ring (Tribute Chest in DM north) / Blackstone Ring (Princess Theradras in Maraudon)
Ring (Honorable mention) - Myrmidon´s Signet (World drop)
Trinket- Blackhand's Breadth (Chain quest starting in LBRS and finishing in UBRS) / Hand of Justice (Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in BRD)
Trinket (Hit) - High-Powered Flashlight (Engineering) / There is one more that I used to have, it also has a 500 phys dmg shield on activation, but I can not remember the name of it right now.
Trinket (Honorable mention) - Strength of the High Chief (Quest in Wintersprings) / Shard of Afrasa (Quest at the border of Blasted Lands and Swamps of Sorrow)
Weapon - Most easely obtainable from the good one's is Arcanite Reaper (BS) / Anything you can get a hold of before that
Relic - Totem of Rage (Magnus in BRB)

There is also some additional Hit gear that you should keep in mind for substitutions if nessecery.

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Re: PreRaid gear and BiS for Shamans

#3 » Post by nuesuh » 29 Aug 2015 17:00

Might wanna add "enhancement" to the title.. 8-)
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Re: PreRaid gear and BiS for Shamans

#4 » Post by Hamless » 12 Sep 2015 00:52

With hit and crit stats being both melee and spell AP doesn't seem as strong as crit or hit tbh. Here are some of the items I'd choose, not to say I'm 100% correct but these are some of the pieces I've used to replace some of the listed items with.
Spell crits = 9% melee crits
Melee crits = 15% melee haste
I'm told 8% hit required for 2h and 17% hit for spells.
Get expertise when you can.

Head: Skyfury Helm (Shaman Quest item) > Backwood Helm
Neck: Emberfury Talisman (Spell hit / crit too) > Pendant of Celerity
Hands: Edgemaster Handgaurds (BoE) > Voones
Boots: Bloodmail Boots (int = AP) > Windreavers Greaves
Shoulder: Truestrike shoulders (UBRS) > Black Dragonscale Shoulders
Belt: Muggers belt > Warpwood Binding
Legs: Blademaster Leggings > Black Dragonscale Leggings.
Rings: Painweaver > Tarnished if your hit capped. I only use Myrm for PVP.

Black Dragonscale stuff can be replaced pretty easily so I don't consider the set bonus' because it's too hard to get hit capped with that gear.

Noteable: Mark of Resolution from WPL quest. Solo'd it as resto and it gives 18 hit rating.

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