TBC and Elemental

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TBC and Elemental

#1 » Post by SlavSqaut » 30 May 2017 21:26

I'm deciding what I want to play for tbc, and leaning towards shaman. I want a class with a some flexibility between strong dps and strong healing for raiding (my primary focus) I've seen some talk of Enhancement being pretty top tier dps in TBC, but I'm wondering about how Elemental seems like it'll measure up. Will it be a strong dps spec, or average/below average? Also, how strong will Resto be?

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Re: TBC and Elemental

#2 » Post by Mizzeeh » 31 May 2017 02:50

Elemental will be average dps in raids, but very sought-after because they're the only class that brings one of the best raid buffs available as well as the ability to flex to resto.

In PvP it has the potential to be top tier, they can manage pretty crazy burst with decent mobility and great utility.

Resto shamans will be in contention for top healing class, depending on fight and situation, most likely.

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