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Pet pull mechanics question

Posted: 20 Nov 2018 13:46
by Achtyn
Recently, after trying out a Hunter, I started a Warlock. They played very similar up until I got a Warlock-type-mobs and their Voidwalkers against me.

With Hunter when my pet ran to that duo, it aggro-ed both the one it attacked and its pet or master. I pulled the aggro only if I began harming them before my pet had not enough aggro on both of them:
  1. pet attacks the master
  2. doesn't attack the Void (Void is only slightly aggroed towards my pet)
  3. both keep attacking my pet
  4. I attack the master
  5. the Void runs at me,
Or when I pull my target's aggro from my pet with damage or aggro spell when both of the duo were already attacked by my Hunter's pet.

Now comes the difference I noticed - with Warlock the pull was completely different: no matter which of my two pets attacked and no matter whom they attacked, the other one ran straight towards me:
  1. pet attacks the master
  2. doesn't attack the Void (it ignores my pet completely)
  3. the Void runs at me
  1. pet attacks the Void
  2. doesn't attack the master (it ignores my pet)
  3. the master runs at me after throwing some spells at me first.
Could be same with other pet-wielding mobs - haven't tested yet.

Is this supposed to happen this way? Or is it a "feature" which needs to be reported or already is on the buglist? I don't remember this happening 16-10 years ago, when I played Warlock on other private servers (nor with a friend on a server situated on a local machine). Google is also mute on this topic.

Here and now with Hunter I could defeat the duo at level 12 without breaking a sweat if another duo didn't join their ranks. With Warlock the lvls 9-11 Void-mob reaches my location quite often, which means I get AoE-drained my life at 75 Shadow damage per tick. This causes either a long downtime or death at level 15. (Which leads to an off-topic bonus question: are the lvl9 Voidwalker mobs supposed to have this AoE life draining ability? Because at these levels 75 damage per tick (once every 1-2 seconds?) means you're pretty much screwed without class/racial abilities to bypass this.)

Thanks in advance for your input on this!

Edit: Tried this again with a new lvl 10 Lock's Imp, and this weird pull happens less often. The aggro indicator lit up less often when I kept a distance over 30 yards - about 1.5-2 Orc's body lengths behind the Imp. Still with Hunter I didn't have this issue on this server.

Re: Pet pull mechanics question

Posted: 02 Jan 2019 20:32
by Wildfather
From what I understand based on what your have said about this issue, there seems to be a bug in Void mobs. Do they have immunity to shadow damage? it would make sense why your VW couldn't take initial aggro. Also, if you dot a mob on a warlock before your VW even hits it, you'll have initial aggro, and if its immune to shadow damange, the VW will not pull aggro from you.

Some mobs in Azeroth have kinda weird aggro issues that i've noticed myself, while leveling my horde of warriors

Re: Pet pull mechanics question

Posted: 02 Jan 2019 23:18
by Axis
The pet mechanics were a mess in November. Both players + their pets as well as NPCs + their pets were subject to them.
It's received at least 5 different updates since then.
Re-test and inform us if this is still an issue.