[Question] How to heal raids?

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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#16 » Post by veina » 08 Jul 2013 00:54

Grid + clique best combo when ya set it up to your liking.
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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#17 » Post by Nyaneve » 08 Jul 2013 16:12

Stop this "stealing heals" shit. Heals are a free for all and you need to be reactive, so please, just stop.

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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#18 » Post by Myaoming » 08 Jul 2013 19:41

I'm not talking about efficient healing Nyaneve... I'm just saying how HPS works.

Anyway, you pretty much ended up saying the same.
Myaoming wrote:who heals low HP targets faster (steal that heal) gets higher HPS.
Nyaneve wrote:you need to be reactive
Faster reaction (which leads to heal steal) = higher HPS...
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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#19 » Post by WTFNESHA » 19 Jul 2013 10:03

This is sort of how my UI looks like, it's a bit cleaner now since it was first raid on TW after merge so addon placement was messy.
I use Xperl's raid frames with range check for targeting.
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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#20 » Post by innocentguy » 02 Aug 2013 19:58

There are plenty of guides to Healbot on Youtube; go look them up =D

I personally like Healbot because you can bind heals to your mouse buttons; instead of selecting a player and then casting my shield, like with the standard UI, I'm doing both at the same time, so on and so forth for all other heals. Healbot also shows you incoming heals, like VuhDo, but only from healers who are also using Healbot, like VuhDo.

But like what has been mentioned, you either do blanket heals (HoTs or shields on as many raid members as possible to combat incoming damage) or situational heals (Using direct heals to heal damage that has already been done).

As far as I'm aware of most Resto-druids and Disc-priests are expected to do blanket heals while Resto-Shammies can either Chain Heal spam ALL THE FREAKING TIME or wait for the right moments to use Riptide and Healing Wave. Holy priests can also efficiently do either depending on your style. I don't have much experience with Holy-palas so....
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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#21 » Post by kermo14k » 03 Aug 2013 13:50

Get addon called EasyHeal 3.3.5a and just click/ Shift+mb/ctrl+mb/shift+ctrl+mb BOOM healing without having to target different people.
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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#22 » Post by Raxxo » 08 Aug 2013 19:40

I wanted to report back after my Druid hit level 80 and did some raids.
Here is my opinion based on the experience I gained from healing rhc's and raids.

At first, I followed Darchrow's tip of just using XPerl raid frame with the range checker.
This setup is fine during leveling for rdf and for rhc's when you hit 80.
Xperl gives you a good overview of your party members and the current buffs on them. It requires some micromanagement to time out all the Druid's hots per party member but if you pay attention this works.
Now I tried this for a while too on raids and even 1 icc10n, but XPerl just takes up too much of my micromanagement skills to raid efficiently AND execute the tactics well.
Especially for blanket healing classes like Druid, you have to click on a raid member, watch their buffs to confirm which hots you currently have on them, and then you decide which heal you use. This is because Xperl's raid frame is very limited and small, so I can't deduct all information I need from one look at the raid frame.
This can fuck up the execution of tactics during some encounters. Like for example PP, where you have to keep moving to the opposite side of where the next ooze will spawn. I fucked up several times because I was too occupied with checking who needs what heals and got blown up by the orange blob of death right when it spawned.

Next, I tried Grid + Clique, like Veina recommended. Now this was a hell of an improvement compared to the Xperl frame I used before. I could keep track of all my hots of all raid members in just an blink of an eye, although Grid's interface is a bit too small for my liking.
Grid only gives you like 4 corner points and the healing bar (for those who know what I'm talking about) to keep track of your raid members.
Now, this actually freed up alot of my micromanagement for things that are acutally relevant like tactics execution.
But still, I ended up staring at my raid frame most of the time.

So I went on to try some of the other tips and I ended up with VuhDo.
VuhDo provides a large, customizable raid frame with built-in Clique.
It shows all my hots very clearly on everyone and for the first time I feel like my GCD is the limiting factor of the amount of heals I can cast, instead of my APM.
VuhDo provides fast mouseover keybinds, and you can use Shift, Alt and Ctrl too for more keybinds.
I think this made me a 500% better healer.

Of course, I wouldn't be the healer I am now without having to struggle with Xperl and Grid first.
Because those addons weren't ideal, I learned to prioritize. Moreover, because I wanted to cast as many heals as possible it improved my APM by alot.

So for you new healers out there: I'd start with healing rdf and rhc's first only with the Blizzard interface or with Xperl.
This way you learn how to keep track of your buffs and hots, and which ones to cast first.
This will force you to dedicate alot of your micro into healing.
Once you master the healing itself, you can use VuhDo or Grid+clique to take some pressure off yourself and be able to actually forllow up on raid tactics.

These are my experiences with several healing techniques.
Feel free to add your own here so people can judge for themselves how to heal!

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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#23 » Post by Etro » 09 Aug 2013 11:26

I use Grid + Clique. There are plenty of plugins for Grid that can make its utility much more wider.
For example, Raxxo, there are a few plugins that add extra buff displays to set many buffs as you want.

Now, this is offtopic but, Raxxo, are you a journalist? Do you like to write or anything like that? It is just that i find myself entertained while reading what you write, so i think you're really good at it.

English is not my first language and, certainly, i'm not quite there yet in terms of writting it properly. And examples like yourself really make me want to improve my english to the point of getting impatient and wanting to be good at it like right now xD.
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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#24 » Post by Raxxo » 09 Aug 2013 11:46

Yea, but VuhDo can do everything what Grid does without plugins.
But I guess it's a matter of personal preference.

As to the writing, I'm not a native English speaker as well.
I'm not a journalist. I'm attending college atm.
Anyway, thanks for the compliment bro!
It's a nice ego boost muhahaha :lol:

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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#25 » Post by Nyaneve » 09 Aug 2013 12:12

Well Raxxo I found Velasong an addon which keeps track of what HoTs are on whom, don't remember its name. But its good to know that you settled with VuhDo :)

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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#26 » Post by Deathswalker » 09 Aug 2013 21:40

My way needs some time to setup, but it makes every heal so much easier. It's a combo of Grid + mouseover macro's. It allows you to keep healing without having to click or something, just button mashing :D
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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#27 » Post by Wilcox » 29 May 2014 07:19

my personal opinion; all, and I mean it, ALL the healing addons (especially healbot) are horrible to heal with, personally I find it healthier to heal through difficulties as I believe it makes me focus tightly to the fight

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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#28 » Post by Corba » 29 May 2014 09:39

Trust me Healbot is good when u have mouse with 9 buttons and 2 scrolls, no need to use keyboard then :)

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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#29 » Post by Nyaneve » 29 May 2014 09:51

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Re: [Question] How to heal raids?

#30 » Post by Zekai » 30 May 2014 05:15

I actually find Healbot pretty convenient, as I can mix keybinds with it. Since I'm noob with macros it's a huge help having a single keybind doing different spells if target is friendly or not, and also allows me to keep an eye on enemy players by normal UI and all my friends at the same time with Healbot (Which is amazing as Priest is the most "offensive" healer)

With Healbot you can track what debuff is on the target, even picking the class of debuff (Magic, Curse, Poison, etc) so it's like including a Decursive.
I can also track the remaining duration of my other spells on each target (Useful for Weakened Soul/PW:S track on a raid, aswell as other buffs/debuffs like CCs and etc)
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