Core Updates - 2013.12.15

Check here often to keep up to date with in-game updates for quests, NPCs, dungeons and raids.
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Core Updates - 2013.12.15

#1 » Post by prodigy » 15 Dec 2013 22:56

  • Scripting/Razorfen Downs: Discovered some missing text for boss Glutton.
    Scripting/Howling Fjord: Fix Quest 11310 Warning: Some Assembly Required
    *Quest is doable and completeable with the following Issues:
    *Aura not being removed from player after Abomination explodes.
    *Camera angle should not changes after Abomination explodes.
    *Can't check if Abomination leaves Halgrind. GetAreaId returns players area id
    [TW104] - Core/Scripting: ToC5: Rename forgotten ScriptName and kill warnings
    DB/Misc: Darkspeaker R'khem now has chains.
    Scripting/Storm Peaks: Quest 13285 "Forging the Keystone" now scripted.
    DB/Waypoints: Add missing waypoints for Stormforged Taskmaster and 3 missing spawns
    DB/Waypoints: All pathing for Stormforged War Golem.
    [TW105] - Core/Scripting: ToC5 - Sync some texts with TC data and add missing emotes to announcer
    Core/Enums: Few inns/zones use the zone itself for the resting state instead of an areatrigger.
    [TW106] - Core/Scripting: ToC5 more text fix ups, missing texts and prevents double emote from Paletress
    DB/Misc: Mostly cosmetic for Storm Peaks with a few SAI updates.
    [TW107] - Core/Scripting: ToC5 - Finish the work around Grand Champion's texts, it should work fine (now sync'ed texts for alliance too)
    [TW108] - Core/Scripting: ToC5: Improvements to first boss, add OVERRIDES and some background text fixes
    [TW110] - Core/Scripting: Disable Blackheart the Inciter's Incite Chaos event for the time being that the mind control doesn't work as it should
    [TW111] - Core/Scripting: ToC5 - Makes the Black Knight event actually start and adds missing scripts
    Convert Svala Sorrowgrave to event system
    Don't allow units to enter combat upon death
    Scripting/Obsidian Sanctum: Updated scripts to use Events.
    Core/Items: Fixed possible invalid memory access when calculating armor
    DB/Waypoints: Some Outlands waypoints. Mostly Blade's Edge.
    DB/Misc: Some Combat AI, Remove spawns, and aura fixes.
    DB/SAI: Fix one linking error and updated a few to use CMC "Combat Movement Control"
    [TW112] - Core/Scripting: ToC5 - Remove passive react state from announce so intro event works
    [TW113] - Core/Scripting: ToC5 - Implement intro event (sync'ed every text, added missing ones) should definitely be working fine for both factions
    Core/SmartAI: Fixed issue where ranged caster would switch to combat ready state between cast.
    Core/SmartAI: Reset Actions will not be processed until creature reaches home.
    Core/SmartAI: SMART_ACTION_UPDATE_TEMPLATE will no longer ignore the target type and force the source creature (creature only) to be updated; from now on it updates the given targets to the given entry (actionparam1)
    [TW114] - Core/Scripts: ToC5 - Fix up logic failure when announcing Grand Champions
    DB/SAI: Fix an error in Bladespire Mystic SAI
    Core/AI: Fix an issue where the OnQuestAccept hooks were not called for auto-completed quests.
    Core/Quests: Fix an issue where auto-completed quests would not be automatically completed if the quest was added through either the SmartAI action_type SMART_ACTION_ADD_QUEST, the spell effect SPELL_EFFECT_QUEST_START or the opcode CMSG_QUEST_CONFIRM_ACCEPT. Also fixes auto-complete quests in the SAI and opcode case not calling the AI hook.
    Scripts: fix crash in spell_jokkum_scriptcast
    Core/Player: Fix questgiver spell cast.
    [TW116] - Core/Scripts: ToC5 - Rename a variable to make code-style closer to Trinity's
    Core/Transports: Fix memory leak on shutdown
    DB/Creature: Misc template updates

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Re: Core Updates - 2013.12.15

#2 » Post by Pausas » 15 Dec 2013 23:00

Those Toc5 updates *_* Great job, looking forward to run it :D
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