Core Updates - 2014.02.16

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Re: Core Updates - 2014.02.16

#31 » Post by prodigy » 17 Feb 2014 21:57

applied the fix from TC,we just need a restart.

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Re: Core Updates - 2014.02.16

#32 » Post by Uwel » 15 Apr 2014 14:47

Awesome, it now became even harder to get gear from dungeons. My fresh dudu, cant get into RHC, cuz i of the item lvl recquirements....
So i'm supposed to do RDFs with lower lvl ppl, BUT there are like 1 or max 2 rdfs/day! How am i supposed to get gear like this? Cuz those normal 80s dungeons, dont rly drop good enough gear for me to be able to enter heroics....
Or is it bugged for me that i cant enter any Heroics?

I could get pvp gear from doing rhcs, but i cant get pve gear by doing only rbgs. So i guess i'll have to get full pvp gear (which is hard enough on its own!!!!) to be able to do rhcs? Which, i think btw totally sucks.
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Re: Core Updates - 2014.02.16

#33 » Post by Doctor_J » 15 Apr 2014 15:16

There are plenty of crafted items/boe items which you can use, there are also icc5 man normals and toc10 normal as the gear restriction is only for heroics, and toc5 nm should not be that hard to come by as people still farm it for trinkets or people who need them do,

and a tip dont try and queue with heirlooms equipped as these have a item level of 1.
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Re: Core Updates - 2014.02.16

#34 » Post by Fastor » 15 Apr 2014 15:47

This or This could bring you more than half way to RDF HC, also add BoE icc gear and DMF Trinkets and you win.

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Re: Core Updates - 2014.02.16

#35 » Post by Polkic » 15 Apr 2014 16:03

+You can still do those dungeons by foot, only RDF locks you out.


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