Full Log: May Hotfixes

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Full Log: May Hotfixes

#1 » Post by Roel » 01 Jun 2015 10:41

Posted below are all of the hotfixes we've applied to our server in the past month. This thread can be used for discussion. Note that it also includes fixes for TBC/WotLK content that we will enjoy once we reach that point in the progression.

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    • - Ghouls will should no longer spawn with 0 energy once summoned. They'll always have the same amount they had when previously summoned.
      - Gargoyles now benefit from the master's haste.
    • - Shred should no longer be blocked/parried/dodged in when used against players.
    • - Animal Handler's bonus stats should now be properly applied to pets.
      - Deterrance is no longer affected by the attacker's expertise rating.
    Image Image Image Image Image
  • Isle of Conquest
    • - The bosses' Crushing Leap ability will now take target distance in account when dealing damage.
Image Image
  • Ulduar
    • Flame Leviathan Vehicles
      - Remove Extra summons from lorekeeper
      - Update spawn points / Add wipe spawn points
      - If both Colossus have been killed vehicles will spawn at wipe locations
      - Vehicles will be destroyed after failed boss encounter
      - Fix a comple of issues with Flame Leviathan's towers
      * Fix tower count being set to 0 once the first tower is destroyed due to bad logic
      * Prevent towers from reducing counter twice (caused by event being sent twice by the gameobject when destroyed)
    The Oculus
Image Image
  • - Gem Perfection implemented.
    - Basic implementation of binary resistance.
  • - Fixed some LFG loot rules (e.g druids being able to roll need on shields etc).
    - Reimplemented some old pet scalling things (hit and haste rating scalling for some pets).

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Re: Full Log: May Hotfixes

#2 » Post by trapchristian » 01 Jun 2015 10:53

Already working on DK bugs and WOTLK in general? :shock:

Good to see so many fixes already :tick:

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Re: Full Log: May Hotfixes

#3 » Post by .Eisen » 01 Jun 2015 14:38

trapchristian wrote:Already working on DK bugs and WOTLK in general? :shock:

Good to see so many fixes already :tick:
Fixes are done to the core, and the Trinity we are using is 3.3.5. All fixes applied to that, we get, regardless of whether or not it's "our" devs doing stuff, or even for "this" server in particular.
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Re: Full Log: May Hotfixes

#4 » Post by jnocetti » 01 Jun 2015 18:58

This server is gonna be fun =) keep up the good work we will keep up the support in the form of votes and donations. Many many thanks to the staf
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