Hello from Holland

Newcomers of all levels are welcomed with their questions. There are always helpful and knowledgeable people ready to share some of their wisdom.
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Hello from Holland

#1 » Post by AW83 » 27 Nov 2016 09:48

Hello people ,

I wanted to introduce myself this way to the community of Primal Wow i heard good things and seen some nice vids from Dodgykebaab and HamsterWheel on Youtube.

I like the idea of this server more so the idea of locked content with a 3.3.5. style gameplay wished for that when i leveled back in 2005 omg the horror of vanilla leveling :o :o :o

I already made a game account but i have not chosen a character yet but i might have my mind set on leveling a druid but seeing another video of viable dps,healer and tank ranking on Youtube ( sorry forgot the author :D )
I like to play hybrid classes ones that can atleast tank/dps or heal/dps or even both .
I dont mind topping healing meters or dps meter or be a main tank :D but i like to be able to hold my own in endgame dungeons healing/tanking and dps wich class do you reccomend choosing ?

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Re: Hello from Holland

#2 » Post by milanlord » 27 Nov 2016 10:22

Welcome to the server, I hope you will have a pleasant staying with us, pick some tank/heal please :D That will save your time in waiting for rdf cause we are always in need for tanks and healers :)
Retired - Sadly I can't agree with cf bg's being a good choice for the server. The only thing we got with this feature is less bg's nowadays and less people online and I can't participate in this big mistake.

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Re: Hello from Holland

#3 » Post by .Venna » 27 Nov 2016 10:29

Welcome to the server! A little about the classes: Pallies are fine for tanking or healing, ret not so good. (they aren't taken to raids) Warriors are op if you don't play arms. Feral tanks are ok, moonkin are good, resto is good, cat is bad. Shaman can't dual wield as yet (due to talents set up) but as healers they are great once geared, ele isn't too bad. Shadow priests are pretty meh, as healers they are good though.

Just my take on it, hope it helps.
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Re: Hello from Holland

#4 » Post by oooooooooolde » 27 Nov 2016 13:10

Id like to reply to Venna's comment:

Its not that these classes are bad, but usually you wanna avoid stacking too many of them. Ret paladins can still get brought for their 3% raidwide dmg buff, but other having more than will impact the raid. Usually you want very dedicated people on these classes, since they bring advantages, but stacking them would hurt performance.

Paladins are really good for tanking dungeons, but as soon as dps'ers start to get gear (60) threat becomes an issue.

You generally want 1-2 arms warriors in your raid, and they perform about 0-10% worse than fury, depending on the fight. Gearing arms is harder thou since you dont get 3% hit from precision.

Feral tanks are in a lot of cases better than warriors due to their health-pool and mobility. Gearing takes a lot more effort, since they want a mixture of pvp and pve items + a kitty offspec. Speaking of cats, gearing takes effort but they can actually pull high numbers (around 1k) if you dedicate enough time to them.

Moonkins are good, but you only want 1-2 of them due to their 5% ranged crit buff. They pull high numbers, but fall short on longer fights because they generally arent allowed to innervate themselves.

Elemental shamans are nice aswell, especially if you want totem stacking. Theyre gated by mana aswell, but can perform well if geared.

Shadowpriests again lacks mana sustain but are usefull nonetheless due to passive grp healing and decent dps.

Enchancement just needs nightfall to be usefull, and you generally want 1-2 wielders (either warriors, ret palas or enchancement) for maximum uptime. They also do decent dps even whilst wielding nightfall.

The biggest problem for most of these specs are the time and effort needed for your lootcouncil to value you enough to dedicate the essential items to you instead of another class where it may give a more immediate impact

Hope that clears things up a bit



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Re: Hello from Holland

#5 » Post by belendor » 27 Nov 2016 20:14

Welcome, why palm tho :'(
Belendor lvl 80 prot/holy paladin - The original

No need to mention the other paladins.

Best word in west flemish 'toetoet'

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Re: Hello from Holland

#6 » Post by AW83 » 28 Nov 2016 09:24

Cause its my favorite beer and i like it more then dutch beer ^_^

I already decided i rolled a undead priest together with my brother who wanted to play a warrior .
Biteme its called and already found a really nice guild called Sanctuary , really like this server so far the people are nice to each other .

I think i will have great times here and i certainly dont plan on riding the train on new nostalrius but thats a other topic

See you all ingame :D

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