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New here :D !

Posted: 24 Sep 2017 11:22
by streamingmad711
Love the idea of a progressive server , sorry i didnt stumble upon this server sooner :p
But i didnt raid in vanilla WoW either but did in TBC and WOTLK stopped right after CATA launch being bummed with the changes of my childhood memories :P .

Started a dwarf warrior yesterday named Bofar wich was my main char on The Maelstrom EU server, are there some things i have to consider leveling a warrior on this progressive server ? Like what spec to use , i loved to tank back in the days but i dont know if im up for it since im a wee bit older and not so fast on my feet as back then :P

Like to play a dps role this time over but dont know if im good off as a warrior , always like the idea of a dwarf rogue :P
( btw i dont play any other race then a dwarf so im limited to those classes ( cant stand the other races, believe me i tried :P )

Give me your 2 copper on what to pick ^_^

Re: New here :D !

Posted: 24 Sep 2017 12:27
by Almsivi
Hello and welcome to the server!

The fastest spec to level as warrior is protection (you can pull a lot of mobs and kill them nearly at same time), also being able to queue rdf as tank usualy can get you dungeons faster. :) At the end content both rogue and warrior can reach quite high amounts of DPS. To be honest all classes available to your beloved dwarfs are quite strong.
Good luck and have fun while leveling.

Re: New here :D !

Posted: 24 Sep 2017 13:09
by Fitzpatrick
Both Rogue and Warrior are good. Warriors are the best tank and strong DPSers in Arms at the moment, and Rogues are easily the best DPS for current 25-man content. If you level a warrior - just remember to go Protection for that sweet, sweet Revenge damage until at least level 40.

Welcome to the server!