Questions regarding starting here

Newcomers of all levels are welcomed with their questions. There are always helpful and knowledgeable people ready to share some of their wisdom.
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Questions regarding starting here

#1 » Post by Greenmachine » 03 Aug 2018 16:21


I'm thinking of either starting or transferring a character to either of the realms here and wanted to get some info that I can't seem to find while surfing your forum and site.

Population: I see the server stats on the site (very useful BTW), and it seems rather split between both servers. I'm more of a WotLK but see that the BC server is currently busier. Is it worth playing on either server? A bit of both? I chose the Primal icon as it seems the more common (and seems to have a slightly more active population). I see between 500-700 players on each realm. Is it enough to find people for simple dungeons with both Horde or Alliance?

Pay-to-win: I can't see any but just wanted to be sure; no items of any sort can be bought by players correct?

If I transfer a character from another private server I see you need to log in to review it and I read somewhere "clear the data". Does that mean that once you've got all the information you'll delete the character on the previous private server? (it's called a transfer I know, but I still wouldn't expect that)

Raiding: do raids take Pick-ups/are PuG raids organised? I ask as I have a lot of raiding experience from retail (Vanilla => WotLK) but no longer have the availability. I can't sign up for a raid a week in advance or be 100% to show up for weekday evening raid when I have other responsibilities now. Hence I would avoid joining a raid guild that would just get annoyed at me being inconsistant, thus my question ;-) (PS: I don't expect to be taken on a free ride, if I come raiding I come with the best gear available to me at that point with consumables and fully repaired. Old school Vanilla raiding kinda stuck with me)

I appreciate the time anyone takes to answer my questions even though I'm still on the fence regarding joining one of these servers. Thanks!

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Re: Questions regarding starting here

#2 » Post by Regent » 03 Aug 2018 18:04

--Peak playing hours on TW: between 6-7 PM till 12-1 AM midnight (Paris time).

--The "500 to 700" you're looking at is just a record of peak population from years past. Those numbers are irrelevant now.
Population peaks around 30-40, sometimes 50 with around 15-25 level 80s among the total. PW is around 25 to 50% higher at most.
10 man raids are held daily (ICC / TOC / Naxx / Ony / EoE / VoA, etc), usually during the peak hours mentioned above.
25 man raids are usually a weekend thing due to the manpower available on Saturdays & Sundays.

--The bugs continue to decrease week by week, every Wednesday, especially now that we have Andruispel actively fixing TW to try to bring it back to where it was when we had our old core (which in my opinion was 90% to 95% as good as retail 3.3.5). Currently, with the core/db we have now (and with the staff doing what they can with bug reports from players), I'd say we're around 75% of where we were on the old core.

--Character deletion on a previous server will only happen if you qualify for a 1:1 transfer (the other option is a template character). Read all about it here:

--Voting gets you some nice stuff, but nothing game-breaking. You have to earn your gear like everyone else by playing the game. You can't donate for it. You can donate for fun / cosmetic stuff but that's it. The money goes toward supporting the server.

As a TW player, my opinion is that we're more like a small village rather than a city now. We all know each other at this point (for the most part) and we take care of our own. You're welcome here like everyone else. Just have an open mind and dive in without any preconceptions and you should have fun. If you choose TW, be online during peak hours, be cooperative with others (loot/tactics/punctuality) and you'll be fine if/when you get taken along in raids/dungeons.

If you're a fan of the WOTLK expansion @ patch 3.3.5 without the expectations that a larger community might place upon you (GS requirements, bias, peer pressure, etc), then try it here and see things for yourself. We've got almost everything that the retail 3.3.5 patch had, with some added bonuses to make things more fun and/or smooth (instant mail, crossfaction gameplay, gear transmogs, auction house viewing through the website, armory, access to tier 3 gear by doing full run of Naxx, etc, etc).

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Re: Questions regarding starting here

#3 » Post by Nyeriah » 03 Aug 2018 18:35

Character deletion on previous server doesn’t happen anymore for a couple of years now
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