Shadow Labyrinth [Blackheart the Inciter]

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Shadow Labyrinth [Blackheart the Inciter]

#1 » Post by Bluebell » 15 Sep 2013 06:37

Door is removed perma to allow players to get by, but not sure how this would work for lower levels with their aggro range.

Also, people who aren't aware of it will engage normally.

He should do a party wide mind control:
Incite Chaos: Full party mind control. The party will go free for all, and start randomly killing each other. He will not take part in this fight. Lasts approx 15 seconds. Dumps aggro. The first one is cast about 20 seconds in the fight, then again approximately every 40 seconds during the whole fight.
What happens is once he mind controls, rather than fight each other players simply walk besides him. More importantly, it brings him completely out of combat and resets him giving him full health and mana, as well as him returning to his path.

He then proceeds to spam the ability every time the group comes out of the charm, making the party unable to do anything if they do not kill him before the first charm.
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Re: Shadow Labyrinth [Blackheart the Inciter]

#2 » Post by emsy » 17 Sep 2013 06:22

Better solution would be to set the doors state to "open" permanently, cause u'll have more work getting them back in when he's fixed than closing them


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