Black Moress [Bugged Script]

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Black Moress [Bugged Script]

#1 » Post by bakiss » 23 Sep 2013 08:03

When the event starts all the first 7 Portals get opened instantly, also the mobs in there don't walk all the way to Medivh to start destroying his shield they do it from the spawn point.
On the end when it gets to 17/18, two portals spawn and it gets to 19/18 :P and there isn't any final event speech by Medivh or Orcs coming from the Dark Portal once the last boss is killed.

The rest of the Portals are getting opened as they should.

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Re: Black Moress [Bugged Script]

#2 » Post by Doctor_J » 23 Sep 2013 16:09

This is known issue and its since the instance script was re-worked by Trinity, not much can be done about this, I already reported the issue to tc a while ago,
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Re: Black Moress [Bugged Script]

#3 » Post by Nyeriah » 30 Nov 2013 22:24

The portals are now working fine. Mobs still don't move to Medivh. Event reset after wipe doesn't work.


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