Sindragosa [Frost Beacon, Icy Grip]

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Sindragosa [Frost Beacon, Icy Grip]

#1 » Post by Vaen » 01 Dec 2013 22:06

I had forgot to post this annoying bug but finally got around to it. The bug is pretty straightforward, Sindragosa's spell timers for Icy Grip and P3 Frost Beacon are supposed to be desynchronized or at least check against some conditions, but sometimes an icy grip happens some seconds after a frost beacon which causes some hilarious raid wipe scenarios which are not supposed to happen, unfortunately nobody on retail seemed to care about possible nonexistant bugs so the desynchronization isn't detailed anywhere.

tl;dr: icy grip is not supposed to happen soon after a P3 frost beacon.
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Re: Sindragosa [Frost Beacon, Icy Grip]

#2 » Post by innocentguy » 10 Dec 2013 03:49

Confirmed. Happens often enough that Frost Beacon's target gets frozen immediately after Icy Grip happens.
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