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Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 15:25
by narcissa
Royal wrote:Narcissa, i think you are looking for this
I think what you're looking for is a place to give out your frustration. If you got something to give to help out this server then you're in the right section/thread. If you just need to give shit to staff like always because you couldn't be a decent member of it, then you can as well go take a walk.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 16:18
by Royal
From what i see, Inter asked for Ulduar bugs and i told them to him, you are the one doing nothing at all 24/7...

And from what i remember, no one ever had a complain about how i was with the staff, but then again, petty insults are all that basement dwellers like you are capable of talking about.

When you make at least one post that actually has any use, feel free to complain about my attitude, but until then, stay in the off-topic section with your ponies and hate comments.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 16:30
by narcissa
Royal wrote:you could have read them if you were interested back then.
im not interested in Ulduar anymore, i''ll earn it when its reachable normally, wont rush it so i can transfer the achive to another server :)
First raid related thing you admit of knowing before people abuse it for months and you catch up.
Sounds like work... we would rather skip all that and kill Algalon so we can have the title when we transfer our toons.
Barely useful in your comments, only here to remind us how frustrated you are. The rest of your last post I won't even comment seeing how it doesn't even make any sense but you are just putting random words in your mouth that aren't even remotely related to me.

And since I, in opposition from you, don't want to mess a useful topic with stupid frustrated comments, that's my last one. Luckily you're one of the people that don't need my comments to show how jerks they are.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 30 Aug 2012 17:38
by Ragnorak
Although Royal already made a post on the Ulduar bosses, there are some other small bugs he missed out which i thought would be important + some tips on how to tackle some bosses with bugs.
**I will keep updating this post as new bugs are brought to my attention by other people or by my own runs, and hopefully maybe even remove some bugs from this list

"FL works but if you activate the towers they boost all bosses in the courtyard, instead of only him."
There is also a new bug which prevents anyone entering the Demolisher or the Siege Tank's gunner seats, and since the airdrops were always bugged, this basically means that if you attempt flame leviathan with 1-2+ Orbs the only way to down him is by bug abusing, by letting the steam tanks charge in and out of the barriers to repair.
***Dwarfageddon Works as of 9/29/2012
The Orbital Defense towers are rather weird atm, I tend to use a siege engine to down the towers (so i am unsure of the demolishers as for the bikes... dont even bother with bikes vs towers...) since thats what they r best at, but Ram will not damage the towers at all UNLESS the tank is positioned inside the little doorway with the blue portal like thing and then starts ramming the tower.
** The bug to counter the current bugs at FL has been fixed, Players are no longer able to steam rush thru the barrier anymore, meaning if you want to down FL u need to get a full raid, it is no longer possible to down FL with 1-3 people anymore

"Razorscale works but cant be targeted by melle."
The reason why razorscale cant be targeted by melee is because her hitbox is to small to find, which is why once razorscale is downed, it is also almost impossible to loot razorscale.

"Ignis works with some achivements are bugged."
Not much to say about Ignis, his hitbox is smaller than usual but not insanely small like Razorscale, the hitbox only becomes a problem once the MT kites Ignis out of the flames, then MDPS will have trouble dpsing a bit.

"XT is doable, but his heart is not attackable."
XT's hitbox is also smaller than usual but its better than Ignis's and Razorscale's hitbox. The Scrapbots here r the main concern as they will sometimes go underground to reach XT and therefore healing a ton of HP.
** Recent bug discovered as of August 29th, 2012. XT sometimes will remain stuck in Add Phase (Aka heart mode) this means that the adds will unceasingly continue to spawn and basically force the raid to wipe unless they want to keep on downing adds forever and hope that it may debug. Unsure of whether this bug is completely random or there is something that puts XT into this bugged state.

"Iron Council works, but doesnt give kill credit."
IC has quite a few hidden bugs... The Archivum Data Disk has a 97% Drop chance once attempted on Hard Mode (Hard Mode is killing either Steelbreaker or Runemaster Molgeim last) However the drop rate seems to be at around 10-20% according to Arock's testing on the STR but i still believe it doesnt drop at all, at least not on the main server. IC the encounter works itself but as royal said they do not give the kill credit meaning that it is not possible to get the "Antechamber of Ulduar" Achievement or the "I Choose You Runemaster Molgeim/Steelbreaker/Stormcaller Brundir" without GM Help. The worst part of this bug is that this has been linked to bugging the ENTIRE Ulduar raid, as it will put the entire raid in a state where the Boss Encounter is in Progress, i believe it is due to an invisible copy of the boss's itself but it is just a guess, and basically this bug will force the raid to disband and continue on another day because if somebody releases then that person cannot re-enter the raid until the hard reset, which is why i tend to do this boss at the very last if possible.

"Kologarn has some issue with his body being spawned under the bridge i heard."
Kologarn appears invisible when u first reach his area but he is spawned underneath the bridge like royal said, i've found the best way to counteract this is to get a DK to do /tar Kologarn and cast Deathgrip to bring the boss up to be able to dpsed, there seems to be some sort of bug with the Left and Right arms as i am unsure if they are supposed to be doing THAT much damage, but they r invisible throughout the whole fight, granted i never got any dk's to dgrip the arm up, only the body so feel free to test that (since i tell the raid to focus their dps on the body only and ignore the arms). When Kolo is killed his body is either invisible or in the completely wrong area so there is an invisible bridge to connect the raid to the otherside of the Shattered Walkway. Kologarn also has the tendency to put the raid into a state of boss encounter in progress, I believe that this is caused by the couple of invisible mobs around the area, the mobs are possibly the Dead Right/Left arm still attacking the raid putting the raid in that boss in encounter state (I am speaking out of experience not through random inferences).

"Auriaya fully works."
Update as of 9/21/12... What was thought to be part of the encounter regarding Feral Defender unable to be stunned is in fact a bug as seen from this post on wowhead... "The Feral Defender is not really tankable, as he pounces almost constantly, but is stunnable." The fact that the Feral Defender cannot be stunned is the main reason why so many raids have trouble tackling the achievement "Nine Lives"

"Hodir fully works."
Hodir works enough but not fully, there is a chance that when engaged Hodir will not move at all, and will not damage the tank at all, basically making him a sitting duck, flash freeze works and all but DONT INTERRUPT IT, it makes the flash freeze instantly cast and the whole raid gets tombed and requires some1 to die and soulstone to quickly free people out. Also the flash freeze tombs r bugged in a minor way, they should have some decent amount of hp so that it takes around 3-5 seconds to free the tombed person/npc but the bug is that all u need to do is just do Any damage on it and everyone is freed so a DnD is OP in this situation. Hodir also has a possibility of putting the raid into a state of boss encounter in progress just like Iron Council, however in my experiences this seems to happen only when Hodir decides to just stand there and not attack.
**Hodir's death also does not count towards the "Keeper's Of Ulduar" Achievement, this is very similar to Iron Council not giving the kill credit for "Antechamber Of Ulduar"

"Freya, Elder Brightleaf's Sunbeam abillity is bugged, both on him and on Freya when trying hard mode.
Freya's cache drops 25man loot on 10 man."
Yes this is very true :/ Elder Brightleaf is capable of producing up to 15-20 stacks of sunbeam in 1 location when engaged, which means the only real way to down Elder Brightleaf is to get some kind of a healing debuff on him and to constantly kite him like crazy, when attempted to do freya with Elder brightleaf's buff there will be Sunbeams all over the area, even though its only supposed to be around freya, and the sunbeams r in the shape of Infernals. Elder Stonebark seems to get buggy when his HP drops to around 10%, he then gives himself a 20 stack buff to reflect all damage, which kills people easily, once the buff wears off he seems to have a different hp than usual, so basically to kill him u need to reduce his HP to 0 while the buff is not on him, if the buff is on him and u reduce him to 0 then he gets back up to a different number, not sure if this is how its supposed to work since it did appear buggy. The cache for 25 man drops on 10 man as royal stated. The last bug for Freya is an awesome bug (for achev whores like me) but it seems like whenever u down freya u get a random acheivement from her encounter, such as "Knock Knock on Wood" and "Getting Back to Nature" i know these two must've been bugged since we clearly did not attempt these on both of those attempts, but the entire raid got the same achev, therefore the random achev earned by downing freya seems to be consistent with the entire raid. Freya also has the tendency to put the raid into a state of boss encounter in progress, my only experience of this happening was probably due to an invisible mob underneath freya's corpse.

"Thorim is not doable since his event never starts."
Not possible to start Thorim, also the hallway to reach Thorim is filled with invisible mobs

"Mimiron is not doable since the train going to him doesnt work."
The path to the train is filled with both non-targetable mobs and invisible mobs, Mimiron himself also does not work, as well as the train as royal stated

"Vezax's door is bugged and you can ''workaround'' thru it, he appers to have all his abillitys working."
Vezax works surprisingly well compared to other ulduar bosses, fire elementals spawn in his room sometimes even though not engaged not sure if this is a bug or supposed to happen, Shadow crash landing sites are sometimes not visible and sometimes they dont do anything, Saronite Vapor oozes do not regain any mana but however they do damage u so... avoid the ooze. Did not spawn Saronite Animus due to fast dpsing on the vapors. Mark of the Faceless sometimes heals the boss even though the target is not in range of any raid members so that may be a minor bug, but heal reductions do the trick. Easy boss if all searing flames r interrupted, and done with 3 healers, + fast reaction on the mark of the faceless debuff

Yogg Saron's event does not spawn and there is no way of being able to start it.

"Algalion's door is bugged and you can ''workaround'' thru it, he also appers to remain spawned for more then a hour and doesnt need the quest completed to summon him."
If reached, there is a chance that Algalon wont spawn at all, but according to Kindz's comment he seems to be working correctly if they wiped that quickly due to lack of tactics. Unknown Achievement/Loot bugs

These are the current bugs for ALL Ulduar Bosses that i have encountered over my testings in Ulduar with the help of mods and gms testing in STR.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 07 Jan 2013 18:00
by Drago
Don't know if it was accidental, but, yesterday when we did RHC and it was The Culling of Stratholme, when we came to Arthas and pressed his dialog, nothing happened. We stood there for 2 minutes, nothing happened. I know you're busy with the firewall and the other stuff, so look into this whenever its comfortable...

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 07 Jan 2013 23:58
by Teal Deer
with Arthas i heard that everyone should be near him when you start dialog and should be dismounted.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 00:00
by Doctor_J
also arthas will just bug out and do nothing if you dont have in quest log or have not completed a royal escort or if anyone in party who does not have quest speaks in party.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 01:08
by Drago
I did the quest and we were all near him... I believe I spoke to him, tough cant say that for sure.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 15:02
by Raxxo
Halls of Reflection (Dungeon)

The Lich King and Sylvanas Windrunner do not start the script when you enter the room.
You can see them fighting, but that goes on forever.
We tried once to let the tank take aggro and "run away" from the Lich King to the plateau, but then nothing happens on the plateau.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 16:22
by Drago
If you talk to Sylvanas she goes to her place, as far as I know (outside of the room to the right), and then you can start the actual encounter

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 02 Feb 2013 21:45
by Justicelight
After today`s "update"

BQ : Fly phase: the boss isnt flying anymore, is casting the aoe dmg from ground in middle of room.

Sindy: Fly phase: sindy goes underground, ppl marked for tombs dont get tombed anymore + we can`t see the incoming bombs.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 02 Feb 2013 23:49
by Myaoming
Damn well, I guess we will have to wait for a next core update or a core revert which wont happen I guess.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 03 Feb 2013 12:14
by Raxxo
-Halls of Reflection is very buggy.
I've seen other people claiming that it works, but when I did it yesterday it still buggs out in the Lich King encounter.
At least Sylvanas says something now, but she spams something like: "Oh crap, bad shit happened, RUN!"
If you talk to Sylvanas, she will teleport to the exit of the room leaving the LK behind doing nothing.

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 14:53
by Drago
Ok so, I don't know what, how, why and if it's casual, but it's the second time Ley-Guardian Eregos disappears after about 30 seconds of agroing him. He just poofs away like that and doesn't come back... Could somene look into this? Because, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, and I want to know what triggers that...

Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Posted: 13 Feb 2013 03:26
by Relina
Drago wrote:Ok so, I don't know what, how, why and if it's casual, but it's the second time Ley-Guardian Eregos disappears after about 30 seconds of agroing him. He just poofs away like that and doesn't come back... Could somene look into this? Because, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, and I want to know what triggers that...
As far as I have been able to determine the final boss in Occulus disappears only if some one in the party has their drake die but they fall onto the platform & survive & then try to summon a new drake or when a person summons & mounts a drake after boss has been engaged.