PvP Buffs and Stealth

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PvP Buffs and Stealth

#1 » Post by ItchyVortex » 11 Oct 2013 13:56

PvP buffs, like Berserk in battlegrounds disappear if you take them while stealthed.
This can be a bit gamebreaking for example in arena, where eyes can be so important, if you pick them stealthed they disappear, forcing you to do some workarounds like de-stealthing a sec before touching the buff and popping vanish, one cooldown gone.
Im not sure how Battleground buffs are supposed to work, but if you pick eyes in arena, it should remove your stealth AND give you the buff.
Hope my words are clear, i wrote this kinda sleepy :x
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Re: PvP Buffs and Stealth

#2 » Post by Vaen » 11 Oct 2013 14:04

Eyes work exactly like that, you can't take them while stealthed, I think, however, that you are supposed to be unstealthed when you take them, instead of them disappearing. Not sure how other buffs such as battlegrounds' berserk works in regards to this.
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