Arena Cooldown Reset Bug Elune's Lantern

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Arena Cooldown Reset Bug Elune's Lantern

#1 » Post by Mojolicious » 28 Nov 2013 14:47

I've stumbled upon this bug after returning from an arena fight. I've used Elune's Lantern right before entering a match and noticed that the item, which was still in my inventory, had reset itself. It does the same thing if it's kept in the bank during a match.
Although it seems pretty convenient (since this item has a 24h cooldown) I haven't found any confirmations of this being blizzlike or in any way intended by Blizzard. Only battle-related cooldowns should reset after an arena match.

If any other players can confirm this bug and/or find out if other cd items behave this way, please report it, too. Thank you.


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