Rep From warbeads from orges

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Rep From warbeads from orges

#1 » Post by xcalibour » 24 Sep 2013 06:59

Heya guys ummm my friend was doing a rep farm for the mount from the Kurenai...and instead of giving out 500rep from 10 war beads she gets 250 can you guys fix it please....on retail its 500rep
You guys are doing the server great keep up the good work :)

PS: i am currently retiring from WoW someone else is playing my toons :)
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Re: Rep From warbeads from orges

#2 » Post by prodigy » 28 Sep 2013 10:07

changed to 500(as per what i found from official sources)

ps:next time please link official source to backup your statement or nothing will be changed.


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