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TF Darkmoon Fair NPC Chronos

Posted: 04 Nov 2013 17:27
by Skitter
The Darkmoon Fair is in Terokkar Forest this week. The NPC Chronos accepts dense grinding stones for rep/tickets and they are supposed to be unlimited (only limit is per month) if I understand it correctly, but you can't click the link to give stones. It worked fine in the other two locations in previous months. So, it is bugged or did I misunderstand the limits?

Re: TF Darkmoon Fair NPC Chronos

Posted: 04 Nov 2013 19:14
by Bluebell
I checked your reputation, and you seem to be friendly. Unless I'm mistaken it only gives it until 2000/6000 at friendly. You are currently 2500/6000
This quest only gives you till 2000 of friendly

To return Dense Grinding Stones for rep, complete quest Rituals of Strength until 2000+ of friendly, this one appears only after that, giving no further reputation.
Although you can continue giving the Dense Grinding Stones you stop gaining reputation after friendly. The only two ways of raising above friendly are:
Return a deck (350 rep / turn-in = about 112 decks)
Good luck and good hunting!
From WoWhead.

Re: TF Darkmoon Fair NPC Chronos

Posted: 04 Nov 2013 22:23
by Skitter
TY, I read somewhere that it allowed unlimited rep with this method, but apparently I was mistaken... although your last quote says I can continue to hand them in, I assume to get tickets, but it doesn't give rep. but I can't even hand them in. Either way, no biggy.