Totem of Wrath

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Totem of Wrath

#1 » Post by Kisszek » 05 May 2011 10:03

On an update there was a fix for the totem of wrath-s critbuff, but it was not a fix only makeing things worse..

How it supposed to work: The Shamans Totem of Wrath should give spellpower and 3% crit to the caster and his/her group.

What do we see instead: The caster gets the spellpower buff, and the enemy-s in range are geting the crit buff.

Screenshot: ... es.hu_.jpg

In pve its not that bad, but when in arenas or bg-s your enemys are geting the extra crit is a hell situation. Please anyhow fix it (its even good if there would be no crit buff on enemy)
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Re: Totem of Wrath

#2 » Post by Stryke » 05 May 2011 10:15

"Chance TO BE critically hit increased by 3%". That means your spells have a +3% crit chance increase to hit that mob.
In fact you should look at it as a debuff on the mob.
Your raid & party get: extra spell power
Your enemy gets: +3% chance to be hit with a critical

Works as intended.
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Re: Totem of Wrath

#3 » Post by Tuffeyy » 06 May 2011 02:14

Your using Xperl, it displays all debuff on an enemy in a red box so you should be able to tell that =D
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Re: Totem of Wrath

#4 » Post by Kraith » 06 May 2011 03:07

Yep, works right. :)
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Re: Totem of Wrath

#5 » Post by Mariane » 06 May 2011 03:18

Wow your face must be sooo redddd xD
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