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#1 » Post by Boman » 10 May 2011 23:03

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Re: Advertiser

#2 » Post by Kraith » 10 May 2011 23:18

Account and IP banned, 2nd time advertising. =P
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Re: Advertiser

#3 » Post by Vaati » 11 May 2011 02:36

It's just a stupid troll..
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Re: Advertiser

#4 » Post by Warpath » 11 May 2011 10:47

omg I have to leave TrueWoW and go to that serever....
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Re: Advertiser

#5 » Post by Kisszek » 11 May 2011 11:58

lol nearly bugless :D i can laugh all day long on that 2 words :D
Retail is bugless in private there are a many bugs, so no use to "overprice" the server ^^
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Re: Advertiser

#6 » Post by Tarolock » 11 May 2011 12:29

not even retail is bugless, it has bugs too

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Re: Advertiser

#7 » Post by Klicky » 12 May 2011 02:40

I played the trail on retail for cataclysm and within the first 2 min of playing a quest would not work for me. I had to abandon it and retake it in order to work.

Blizz even had problems with ICC... Their failed with their own creation! :P
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