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Question about a possible staff bias

Posted: 31 Dec 2019 00:38
by Justicelight
Dear staff members,

I am writing you because I am finding some things as being unfair with GM helping players that are in Hellraisers vs players that are outside. (might not be the case, just a first glance opinion)

1)On 9th of December, we have organized an Ulduar 25 man raid. In this raid, the leader said that no one should touch the fragments of Valanyr rolls, since I am supposed to get them. When a fragment dropped, a certain player, named Marsarah, have rolled by mistake, not knowing I am suposed to get them, by clicking on the Need button. Marsarah appealed this issue to GMs in the same day, in order for me to get the fragment since he clicked need by mistake, only me and him rolled need. The answer from the staff was: NEGATIVE.

2) Now, 31st of December, I have joined an ICC 25hc raid, where the raid leader forgot to set Main Looter before the boss kill. The raid assistant asked everyone to not click need, so only him clicked need on the item, in order to make a raid roll later. But the issue was that he already had the same item in bank or backpack, so the item that dropped was not automatically assigned to him, even tho he has won the item by clicking need. The item was then unusable by anyone, since there seems to be some sort of system in place: if you are the only winner, but you already have the item, the item gets locked on the boss. A GM was called and the item was given to the player, in order to be raid rolled.

I am asking you now, why was not my issue (1) solved since from what we see in such cases the rules are not too robust (2)?

In case you want confirmation for the 1st case, I think there are 24+ players that can do it.


Re: Question about a possible staff bias

Posted: 31 Dec 2019 01:13
by Benedictus
Quite simple, Fragments can't be traded after you have won it (blizzlike), there is no trade timer for it example as it is marked as quest item, same as SFS in Icc.

Trinkets in raids are unique flagged, which causes this issue with the item basically being locked in the loot window, not being able to be traded to other players, this is a bug from our loot system, hence why we have helped when such situations have occurred, given that there is evidence of course.

There is no bias, just blizzlike vs bug.

Re: Question about a possible staff bias

Posted: 31 Dec 2019 01:45
by Axis

Your request was denied based on the following information:
1. The Valanyr Fragments cannot be traded once a player has looted them (blizzlike) - despite the 2 hour loot trading grace period that Blizzard added in WotLK (Marsarah can actually use the item himself, if he wishes).
2. We were informed by multiple players that 15+ raid warnings were made to tell everyone to pass on fragments due to your presence in the raid and the near completion of your progress.
3. When the fragment dropped, warnings were made again (including spamming about passing the item).
4. The player in question, Marsarah, rolled Need on it anyway (under the impression he could trade it to you) while ignoring spam from his fellow raiders to pass it along with ignoring all the raid warnings to pass it as well.

The request for the Sindragosa trinket in ICC was granted because:
1. The item happens to be tradable with the 2 hour grace period - whether or not Fugen already had it happens to be irrelevant.
2. The raid leader himself admitted (in a direct conversation with me in-game) that he forgot to put Masterloot and there were no warnings in advance about passing loot.
3. Currently, unique items can't be looted by other players in-case the loot winner already has it - this happens to be a bug. It's already a known issue and we've been trying to find ways to fix that.
Due to the situation mentioned above, we deal with such situations using unedited screenshots of the actual rolls and the item itself (being in a chest or on a boss).

Bearing all this in mind, just remember that we don't just hand out items willy-nilly.
Every situation is handled on a case by case basis; In this case, the verification of the item eligibility for trade being paramount.

We're not concerned with what guild any player comes from.
As long as their situation happens to meet our criteria for rendering assistance, we'll take the necessary steps to address their issue.

Furthermore, let me make it perfectly clear that any kind of bias toward a specific player or group of players isn't tolerated within the current staff; it happens to be a violation of our code of conduct.
Please discard that silly notion for your own good.


Re: Question about a possible staff bias

Posted: 31 Dec 2019 02:01
by Justicelight
Axis wrote:
31 Dec 2019 01:45
Please discard that silly notion for your own good.
It`s my right to have opinions, even if I generally disclaimed it in the first paragraph, but thanks for the recommendation.

Anyway, thank you for the professional answer.

Staff Edit:
This isn't an opinion, but a blatant accusation at the staff that was dispelled by facts.
Your personal opinion does not dictate staff policy - the latter of which is quite transparent.
The sooner you understand that, the better.