[12214] Fresh Remounts *solved*

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[12214] Fresh Remounts *solved*

#1 » Post by priory » 19 Jan 2014 12:15

Why isn't it in QC?
Its impossible.

Objective is to kill the Onslaught Horseman and use the item that the horsemen drop on the Onslaught Warhorse and return in to Junter Weiss.
So i use the item on the horse and i mount.
As i try to ride back to Venomspite. I get attacked and what happens is that the horse you are on attacks back.
And there is noway out of it unless you have a friend with you who can kill them.
But you only got 3 minutes and since your horse attacks back at every mob that attacks you there isnt enough time.
And whorse yet the horsemen dont respawn on the horses.

Is this world of warcraft or mission impossible?

i am not Ethan Hunt!

I couldn't find anything about this quest in the forums and world wont respond.
Please help

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Re: [12214] Fresh Remounts

#2 » Post by Doctor_J » 19 Jan 2014 13:57

This quest is perfectly completable if you take horse from near venomspite, theres one on path leading out of new hearth glen or near path and clear mobs from there,

quest is bugged in that you only have to actually ride one horse back as you can use the ability 3 times to complete quest while on same horse instead of having to deliver 3.

Quest if perfectly completable you just have to clear other mobs first and about horse attacking when you get dismouned that seems to be a common issue with a few quest vehicles atm.
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Re: [12214] Fresh Remounts

#3 » Post by priory » 20 Jan 2014 10:14

I see you were right.
Luckely we can return 1 instead of 3.
But i found many people had problems with this quest so i made a forum.

Please dont delete this topic so people can find this quest in the forums and know whats going on.

Thanks for the fast reply.

And btw not everyone is smart to find this kind of solutions, some people like myself cant handle this kind of difficulty.

Thanks again

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