[10233] Torching Sunfury Hold !

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[10233] Torching Sunfury Hold !

#1 » Post by Osjial » 08 Mar 2014 12:03


The torches drop and are lootable, but when used on a tent or ballista doesn't count as completed.

I saw a post for this same quest 3 years ago and i ask myself if there are any change, becouse both .qc and web quest completer says that que quest is working.


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Re: [10233] Torching Sunfury Hold !

#2 » Post by Doctor_J » 08 Mar 2014 12:25

Fixed after next crash or restart was due to bad target for despawn action making it so despawn of bunny npcs never occured once they had been burnt which resulted in each npc only been able to be burnt once per server restart,
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