[10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch

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[10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch

#1 » Post by barelyalive » 03 Dec 2010 12:13


Sat there for 10 minutes waiting for even to start and it never did
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Re: [10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch

#2 » Post by Osyris » 10 Mar 2011 10:02

I think this quest is bugged, It should spawn couple of waves of mobs but nothing happens, is it possible to add it to QC?

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Re: [10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch

#3 » Post by Guigocsilva » 10 Mar 2011 17:13

This quest is working
i still have the tabard on my char i dont know what happened but it worked fine for me
And i did it not so long ago

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Re: [10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch

#4 » Post by Universe » 16 Mar 2011 19:30

confirmed it's bugged
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Re: [10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch

#5 » Post by Subotai » 14 Jul 2011 08:15

I tried to do this recently and can confirm the following:

The first time, the mobs spawned before I had the chance to finish talking to the npc. In the second and third tries, the mobs spawned at a slower rate. When I was going for the fourth attempt, they didn't spawn at all. Also, the dialogues don't occur. Retaking the quest didn't help.

Edit: I recently did it, and the dialogues popped. All seems fine now..

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Re: [10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch

#6 » Post by Kindzadza » 08 Oct 2011 01:23

I know the quest was reported long time ago,but we're trying to clean this section so this quest works fine now.It's not bugged at all.Lock it please :p

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Re: [10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch

#7 » Post by Alexandros » 08 Oct 2011 01:27

Kindzadza wrote:... we're trying to clean this section...
Yea, such a mess we couldn't stand it :D
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