People who helped Arock in his masterplan

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Re: People who helped Arock in his masterplan

#31 » Post by Psychromatic » 12 Jan 2016 01:04

This is getting out of hand and turning into a bigger flame war than it is. I will lock this topic.

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Reply to Arnis' Thread "People who helped Arock..."

#32 » Post by mcheka » 12 Jan 2016 01:09

I'm aware this will get locked ASAP, but I was in the process of writing this as it got locked and that made my blood boil since I spent a good few minutes writing, so I'm posting it here instead:


What Arock did was a total dick move and I doubt there's a single person who disagrees that he deserves his ban.

However, Arnis, you keep incorrectly believing that GMs somehow helped him do this (the whispers in some of those screenshots show this). I'm rather surprised because at some point you mentioned you were studying computer science, so I'm rather surprised that you've made this argument about GMs "helping" Arock so much. Here's a little, simple fact about databases:

Passwords are never stored as plain text. This is a general, universal rule. Passwords are stored as salted, hashed values, using a cryptographic hash function. You can wikipedia a bit about salted hashes and cryptographic hash functions if you want a little detail, but the basic idea is that even someone who has the hashed value cannot recover your original password in the reasonable expected lifespan of the universe.

What does this mean? This means that nobody, not even Roel can possibly know your password, unless database security on TrueWoW is beyond atrocious. I'm not a GM or admin, so how do I know that TrueWoW indeed uses hashed passwords? I know, because of the simple fact that if it didn't have that basic security measure, the server would have ceased to exist long ago due to a major account hacking problem by past corrupt GMs, SQL injection attacks, and various other factors.

So, you gave your password away to the wrong person, who gave the password to Arock somehow, or maybe you even gave him your password directly to bait him into getting banned. It's as simple as that.

tl;dr You gave your password away too carelessly and Arock used that fact to log your account. Maybe you should be banned too for the headache you gave your GMs by being so negligent with your passwords.
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Re: People who helped Arock in his masterplan

#33 » Post by Nymunne » 12 Jan 2016 01:14

I only merged the post instead of deleting it cause of the context of explaining how some things work but please stop making topics regarding this. Prodigy was the one to handle this and I believe he will be the one to reply in this topic when he will see it and have time.

From now on all further topics regarding this will be deleted without notice no matter the context of the topic / post.

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Re: People who helped Arock in his masterplan

#34 » Post by prodigy » 12 Jan 2016 10:05

I'll allow this topic to stay here just because you actually reported Cherno.
Now to answer OPs post:Arock's guilty account has been punished already as per our policies.If you want to point out rule 2 from the do not do section,read it better and you will understand that the rule is for mutes(since it mentions the irc relay bridge...perhaps more detail should be added to that rule).
Cherno in our opinion has done nothing wrong, hence no reason to punish.

I remind you all again that sharing account details will eventually lead to this kind of stuff.Also staff has been instructed to delete further posts about this matter also, like I said in my previous answer.

This is resolved.


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