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Posted: 26 May 2017 01:37
by oooooooooolde
Hey there

I joined wsg before and picked up a flag - as you do. Quickly after I was messaged by my team mate, Llucifer, to drop the flag

Obviously I didn't listen and soon after got a message from the other teams flag carrier - Djpikaboo

Now there is some accusations against Eronox in there that I don't believe are true, but anyways I talked Suelyn and she said a she couldn't quite handle it during that WSG which is understandable so I'm posting here instead

Both of them are clearly violating, "Do NOT do the following actions:
10. Farm player kills, PvP points (honor, arena) or items (tokens, marks, etc.) by co-operating with opponents to gain advantages, or by using other abusive practices."

I believe the punishment should be atleast.
"*Anything obtained by illegal means will be removed from your character(s) and arena team(s) disbanded if necessary."

Now, it's the first time I've seen stuff like this, but Djpikaboo didnt budge when confronted and shown the rules, so thats why i'm reporting

Have a good day

Re: Djpikaboo

Posted: 26 May 2017 10:26
by Joh0239
Good Job on the report! I hope they face the consequences switft and ruthless, it's clearly wintrading and even deserves a ban.

The rest in the bg, his "friends" should also be affected by the consequences.

Re: Djpikaboo

Posted: 26 May 2017 15:48
by Eronox

Thank you for the report. I've taken an approach to the Game Master involved and by discussion Suelyn claims it to be a wintrading indeed. Having the screenshots featured as a ground to stand on, I have dealt with the problem and punished the players in question accordingly.

These two have from this posts timestamp a 48 hours time window in order to create an appeal for the case. After expired time, we will not lift or withdraw the punishment in any way whatsoever.