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Server Progress

#1 » Post by .Snuffles » 26 Oct 2015 18:09

Hi, I've been looking through the forum, and couldn't see anything about this, but I could easily have missed it, so sorry if that is the case. :)

I was thinking, It would be really nice to have a part of the website that links the current Patch / Raid / Phase of the server, so people can find easily where we are upto, towards the long term goal of WotLK raids etc

I would love to see an intended 'Path' for patches, or something of the sort, just so it would be easy to see exactly where we are currently in terms of the phase / patch of the server, and to be able to get an estimate on how long it is planned to be until the next phase / patch / raid is released.

Even if the goal for releasing the next raid is a fluid or changeable thing, (I'm not sure whether the intention is to wait until it feels like enough people on the server have progressed and then moved the phase, or if it is a set timeline), It would be great to see where we are upto and have at least a rough estimate on when things will move on :)

Once again, sorry if this has been suggested already, keep up the great work on the server :)

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Re: Server Progress

#2 » Post by Dirtybertie » 26 Oct 2015 18:56

Thats a great ide and im going to +1 that because it might lure players in , maybe stating guilds and there progression as it might be neat to have.


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