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#1 » Post by cts17 » 22 Feb 2018 00:45

Hello all!

This is Lighthammer, your friendly neighbourhood Dwarf Paladin from Ironforge. When I'm not smacking murlocs around Morogrim or bashing elementals in Nagrand, you can find me relaxing with a pint at the World's End Tavern or even the Thunderbrew Distillery when the time allows me.

I've been playing on Primal WoW since Spring 2016, about 8 months after it launched. One thing I've enjoyed (especially as a Prot Paladin in the vanilla days lol) were the progressive nerfs to content as we progressed through the raids. I was wondering if we would be doing that to Gruul and Mag? Right now guild growth is tied directly to gearing fresh players recruited specifically for raiding, and anything that can help in that regard will help keep the server progressing forward into the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal!

Thanks for considering.

~Lighthammer (/u/Canadian_Christian on Reddit)

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Re: T4 Nerfs

#2 » Post by lrctgl » 22 Feb 2018 00:52

+1 kara too

this should also happen to t5 once we get abit further in

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Re: T4 Nerfs

#3 » Post by KohiiKaiju » 22 Feb 2018 01:22

I can't give you a specific answer, but this is something that staff is already discussing. More to come after a staff meeting shortly.

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Re: T4 Nerfs

#4 » Post by mogrom » 22 Feb 2018 14:31

it would be good if we can get nerf to raid bosses that required attunaments for tk and ssc, so new and fresh players even alts can get their attunament done without much trouble, as u know in retail those attunaments removed completely even blacktemple and hyjal quests with patch 2.4. Think we can just get a slight nerf at current state which wouldnt hurt progression.

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Re: T4 Nerfs

#5 » Post by ewriick » 22 Feb 2018 15:20

Hi (not a PW player)
First off, this is OT, just as OP mogroms last post. I will not write more in this topic unless an actual thread dedicated to this area is started.

As mogrom says, TK and SSC attunements got removed in 2.4. I have perceived it as Blizzard more or less being forced by the community about this, which is understandable since TBC attunement was a big mess that had you backtrack to "already finished" dungeons and raids. So that is an argument to why it should be nerfed prior to 2.4.

On the other hand, I personally love attunement and quests and I think the attunement requirement shouldn't be removed until at least the next expansion. The immersion and story is presented in a nicer way in most cases. The complaints Blizzard got could have just come from "lazy" players. It isn't that hard, in my opinion.

TW has been in 3.3.5 for a long time now. New players barely know what Naxxramas or Ulduar is. You hit level 80, you jump into a couple of RHCs and then you get carried in ICC which makes players miss out on a lot of content and making it harder for the players that actually want to experience that content to find a group. Pre-ICC raids and dungeons are also designed to make you train for some mechanics in ICC. The point with this paragraph is, I don't think you should be too easy on attunements.

Once again, this is very OT. I could make a "Custom WOTLK raid attunement" suggestion, but I have to think about it a bit more since I do not think it will fit very well on TW.

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Re: T4 Nerfs

#6 » Post by Dreadnought101 » 22 Feb 2018 15:55

I agree that T4 should be broadly nerfed, Gruuls Lair, Mags Lair, and Kara.

Im also curious if they should start dropping 3 peices, with a minor update to 2 pieces dropping from SSC/TK

@ewriick I agree that attunements should be left in. T4 still needs to be run for gear anyway because T5 content is tuned very highly. Though there still needs to be attunements for old vanilla content such as Onyxia and BWL
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