Release New Primal Vanilla realm

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Re: Release New Primal Vanilla realm

#91 » Post by kurthos » 03 Sep 2018 06:33

That screenshot is out of context, it is talking about starting a project 60 on Primal which is my plan B if the new realm doesnt get the go ahead.

I am actively contributing to PrimalTBC as Ive prepared 85% of the SQL required for a Season 3 release.

In addition, I invested hundreds of hours into the TBC release which several current staff can attest to.

I am proposing a new project equal to and as important as the current projects. I have a firm belief that this realm can be developed laterally with the the current realms.

I know atleast one member who has pledged support for the new project has applied for a staff position since the start of this thread. I am sure others are to follow pending an official announcement. I also think that keeping inactive members inactive doesnt help any project current or future. Volunteers should be brought on if they are willing to work and put in the effort.

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Re: Release New Primal Vanilla realm

#92 » Post by masteve » 03 Sep 2018 15:09

Omgerd pls (Warlocks here)

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Re: Release New Primal Vanilla realm

#93 » Post by Perkulatorr » 03 Sep 2018 19:20


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Re: Release New Primal Vanilla realm

#94 » Post by Arturo » 04 Sep 2018 05:04

+1 i miss vanilla primal!


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Re: Release New Primal Vanilla realm

#95 » Post by Nahraine » 04 Sep 2018 09:23

Nooooooooooooooooo!!... I'm here for progression as I assumed most would be on a progression server. There are already loads of vanilla servers out there... Roll on WotLK

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Re: Release New Primal Vanilla realm

#96 » Post by Santah » 04 Sep 2018 09:56

Make it happen frends +1
Shaking my SMH

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Re: Release New Primal Vanilla realm

#97 » Post by Roel » 04 Sep 2018 10:11

We have seriously considered this over the last week but I'm afraid I will have to refer back to Nuko's post. It may not be an impossible feat if we all invest extra time for the setup of a static realm. But the difference of opinion within the staff is just too big to release a 3rd realm. It would be better to stick to the 2 realms that the entire team is passionate about and not risk the quality, we indeed already have our hands full.

Rejecting this suggestion so people don't get the wrong idea. It's not a matter of doing x to make this happen, some even thought it's only about money and they could buy their way into it. Anyway you're always free to continue in General Discussion if something wasn't yet included, healthy discussions are always welcome.


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