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X-server RDF

Posted: 11 Apr 2019 08:19
by Nymesis
Cross-server Random Dungeon Finder - this did exist on retail (still does as far as i know). I'm aware it wasn't there in BC days, but that aside - as both realms are technically 3.3.5 patched, it seems that setting up X-server RDF should be possible. This could help significantly with our population troubles. I know the RDF already blocks a player from the BC que if they hit level 71, so this should prevent most concerns over unfair advantages from a TW side character. Also, if there is a concern about trading WotLK items to a BC character, trades of anything but BoP drops from the dungeon could probably be disabled somehow. If I recall correctly, it wasn't possible to trade anything to other groupmates inside a cross-server dungeon besides temporary items, like mage food or healthstones, and the BoP's from the dungeon.

Re: X-server RDF

Posted: 12 Apr 2019 00:38
by Relina
A good idea, but IDK if any of the current devs would be able to get this up & running in any decent amount of time to make it worth the effort.

Re: X-server RDF

Posted: 12 Apr 2019 01:23
by Nyeriah
It’s impossible, the amounts of re-engineering required to make it work are overwhelming. Trinity gave up on that long ago for that matter, it just wasn’t designed with supporting this in mind

Re: X-server RDF

Posted: 12 Apr 2019 03:55
by Axis
Cross-realm activities (such as Arenas, RBGs and RDFs) are Blizzlike and quite appealing.
However, the colossal amount of time and effort involved to design and implement such a feature makes it a pipe dream for now.
Unless we import the code required to make this work (which we can't and/or most likely won't), we'd have to build this from the ground up, in-house. Next comes alpha testing, then public beta testing and finally - release (and maintenance thereafter).
Unfortunately, we simply do not have the resources to pull that off at this time.