Kurthos exposed - we invited him to our discord

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Kurthos exposed - we invited him to our discord

#1 » Post by shekelstein » 15 Jul 2017 13:01

So the other day we invited Kurthos to our discord just to have some chit-chat. Couldn't expect this will happen. This incident is both racist and antisemitic. It needs punishment. Screenshots:


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Re: Kurthos exposed - we invited him to our discord

#2 » Post by Eronox » 15 Jul 2017 13:28

The following report is not regarding something which was done in a official chatroom of TrueWoW's community;
Forums, public world chats and likewise. As it was done in a private channel, it's on the present peoples own discretion.

Also, I strongly believe that person in the screenshots are someone pretending to be him which alone actually would be a bannable offence. I'd just recommend you people to kill this drama, before you go all too far with these false accusations. :)


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