Number of transfers between realms

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Number of transfers between realms

#1 » Post by Aqualink » 27 Mar 2020 06:36


Few months ago, I transferred 2 characters from PrimalWow to TrueWow and love my stay here.

I would like to ask if there was a chance of increasing the number of transfers from PW to TW or vice versa.

With the release of Sunwell, I feel that PW is nearing the end of its expansion and I would like to bring few more of my characters to play as I can learn new things about the class and their professions in WOTLK.

Thank you very much and hope that it can be put into consideration if possible.



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Re: Number of transfers between realms

#2 » Post by Axis » 27 Mar 2020 06:46

Moved to correct section.
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