Returning to WoW, first time at TrueWoW

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Returning to WoW, first time at TrueWoW

#1 » Post by kaffekane » 19 Apr 2020 19:32

I wanted to pick a game that I could use on my laptop because when I changed the case for my tower, I'm pretty sure the power supply finally died, so I can't use my normal PC.


Having said that though, my first experiences with WoW were actually from watching an acquaintence of mine playing, and from machinimas from over a decade back, when the game was still around the tail-end of The Burning Crusade. I saw Illegal Danish, music videos by Nyhm, and a couple of other bits that I think I've forgotten about...oh yeah! Azerothian Super Friends, and Level 70(80 in WotLK) Elite Tauren Chieftains, too.

I think I also paid attention to By Way of Booty Bay, and whatever that one webcomic was that had that derpy arena team that still managed to get through everything they did.

Seeing people having that kind of creativity was what had pulled me in. Not that I had the skill or tools to make machinima of my own (and still don't), but it made the world feel silly enough to get invested into it.

Now, however, I suppose I'm looking for a place that can satisfy my want to return to WoW, even though I'm not feeling a return to WoW Classic (And I don't have the space to do full retail on my laptop, either).

I'm still waiting on the client download, so I don't have a character yet, and I haven't fully decided which race/faction that I want to roll around as for the sake of maining.

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Re: Returning to WoW, first time at TrueWoW

#2 » Post by Dinochicken » 20 Apr 2020 08:02

You could try Primalwow which will be going wrath of the lich king sooner or later and experience content as it comes out progressively, and once it reaches its end point, it will be combined with Truewow.

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Re: Returning to WoW, first time at TrueWoW

#3 » Post by Kniteknite » 21 Apr 2020 03:11

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