Player insult

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Player insult

#1 » Post by sanvenganza2 » 25 Apr 2020 21:40

Hello, my name is LaserTurkey or Angryfart depending on what server i play. A player called "Risvall" on Primalwow server insulted me this afternoon, just out of the blue. Most of the insults were in swedish, he switched to german on last one.
First insult i google translated it and it means "i will cut your tongue".
This has happened on many ocations in Public chat, at least 2-3 times. He randomly says "laserturken" as calling me. When i answer he spews an insult. I understood he was insulting today when i googled it.

Here are the 2 original snapshots i made.

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Re: Player insult

#2 » Post by Axis » 25 Apr 2020 22:03

Thank you for your report.

Section 1, rule 5.
Section 2, rule 4 .

The involved parties have been dealt with.
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke.


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