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by .kerrigan
19 May 2014 23:16
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Topic: Very high ping on dungeons & raids
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Very high ping on dungeons & raids

Hi ppl, this is my problem: upon login, when I enter Dala, game runs ok. But upon zoning into raids or dungeons, my ping starts to go higher and higher, until the game practically freezes at some point. The ping indicator shows some crazy numbers: 2k, 5k, 10k, I even got 29k ping once :shock: And I ...
by .kerrigan
05 May 2014 17:30
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Topic: Real Life Pictures :)
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Re: Real Life Pictures :)

Well, here Kity goes again, a couple of photoz ^_^

[EDIT] Thanks Iniyam 8-)
by .kerrigan
19 Feb 2013 20:54
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: [5384] Kirtonos the Herald
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[5384] Kirtonos the Herald

When you use the Blood of Innocents ( to summon Kirtonos (, nothing happens. You see a gargoyle flying around, but no actual NPC spawns.