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by .Brettyb
02 Jun 2017 19:52
Forum: Mage
Topic: Best mage spec TBC?
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Re: Best mage spec TBC?

The de facto leveling spec is Deep Frost (as per usual). In terms of raiding, however, Frost does not put out enough dps compared to our other specs (Arcane and Fire). Arcane though, is unable to do competitive damage due to mana constraints. With a 1 minute cooldown on Evocation (2 minutes regularl...
by .Brettyb
21 Jun 2016 01:38
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Unable to Recover Character
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Unable to Recover Character

I've recently returned from a 1 year+ absence, and saw that the PrimalWoW site was merged with TrueWoW. I followed the instructions provided in recovering merged accounts and linking game accounts, but either the info for my forum/site account was lost, or that of my game account. It's a lvl 60 mage...
by .Brettyb
20 Sep 2015 06:08
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Banned?
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I just came back from a few months of inactivity and saw that my account was, somehow, banned. Upon checking my account info, it said I was banned so for spamming and caps. I do not recall ever doing either of these things, and would like some recourse as to when this occured. Brettyb in game btw
by .Brettyb
29 May 2015 00:22
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Topic: Silithus Weiner
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Silithus Weiner