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by .Cobo55
11 Jul 2015 04:01
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Topic: PvP dmg
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Re: PvP dmg

If you wanna get two shoted go play 1.12.1 this is a 3.5.5a server its meant to fix things like this.
by .Cobo55
24 Jun 2015 23:00
Forum: Rejected
Topic: Luck of the Draw
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Luck of the Draw

Since dungeons aren't that difficult to begin with, maybe remove this buff? Maybe add some sort of difficult aspect of dungeons maybe not just a suggestion.
by .Cobo55
22 Jun 2015 17:01
Forum: Bogus Bugs and Solved Issues
Topic: Falling through the world
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Falling through the world

As a warrior I am constantly falling through the world when charging enemies that are on hill or on a little bump. This is very annoying because you die and have to relog in to the game you spawn at the nearest graveyard, not to mention that I also have to repair my items also. Doing all of this whi...
by .Cobo55
04 Jun 2015 19:20
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Topic: Count To A Million
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Re: Count To A Million

by .Cobo55
04 Jun 2015 16:35
Forum: Warrior
Topic: Warrior [Execute] Ability
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Warrior [Execute] Ability

The execute ability for warriors works most of the time. But, sometimes it will make the animation and noise of execute but no damage and to make sure its not a visual bug I looked at the combat log and execute is not listed. If I can ill try to get footage of it because it does happen, just not ver...
by .Cobo55
26 May 2015 05:24
Forum: Bogus Bugs and Solved Issues
Topic: Wailing Caverns [Last Boss]
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Wailing Caverns [Last Boss]

When the summon for the last boss begins all of the mobs that are supposed to come in waves, all spawn at once and do not move instead of moving toward the players.
by .Cobo55
22 May 2015 23:31
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Ayy
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I am downloading the client now I am actually really interested in this server. Just thought I would drop by and say hi!