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by .cosminn123
27 Jun 2016 16:42
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Looting corpses
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Re: Looting corpses

Ask the staff to transfer your characters on another account, maybe it'll solve your problem.
by .cosminn123
23 Jun 2016 23:39
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Issues regarding client and download
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Re: Issues regarding client and download

Delete the cache, change the realmlist and you're fine.
by .cosminn123
24 May 2016 12:26
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: New rogue in the house [PW]
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Re: New rogue in the house [PW]

Welcome to PrimalWoW! Hope you enjoy your time here.
by .cosminn123
24 May 2016 10:02
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Gold
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Re: Gold

You can't buy gold, but you can buy some mounts that are not BoP and you can sell them for high amounts of gold on the AH, though it will take some time...
by .cosminn123
19 May 2016 22:22
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: New Here
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Re: New Here

If you wanna tank give Prot Pally a try. Sounds like fun to me, playing a spec you weren't allowed in Vanilla. Or bear tank, also a great choice, it's really nice since you don't have to get your usual tank gear cuz of the talents. For healers, AFAIK, resto shammies are in demand. Have a great time ...
by .cosminn123
17 May 2016 21:09
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Topic: [PW] pvp meta
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Re: [PW] pvp meta

Horde didn't had pallies in vanilla bruh.
But, +1 for balancing the PvP scene a little.
by .cosminn123
17 May 2016 11:31
Forum: Website and Forums
Topic: Recruit a friend
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Re: Recruit a friend

Have you made a game account already? Also, you need to have already a lvl 40 character and month old account to be able to RaF someone.
by .cosminn123
17 May 2016 11:27
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Topic: Bad lag every few minutes
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Re: Bad lag every few minutes

Thanks for the reply. This issue came up on two separate clients. We played on two vanilla servers before we discovered primal wow. Also occurred on 2 different OS (8.1 and 10), I will try the compatibility mode. Also, thanks for the link, I will definitely look into that aswell. This might help: h...
by .cosminn123
26 Apr 2016 09:41
Forum: Rejected
Topic: PW - raise minimum players for BG to begin
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Re: PW - raise minimum players for BG to beging

Right now it is seriously discouraging to even those that really enjoy pvp to pop into a 2v2 of which there may not even be 2. Yes, waits may be longer even during busy weekends, but simply having real battles on the batlle ground would, in theory, lead to more consistent interest in playing bg's. ...
by .cosminn123
23 Apr 2016 09:49
Forum: Accepted
Topic: [ACCEPTED] mark for TW, PW
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Re: mark for TW, PW

Etro wrote:Yes, it can be done.



How about that?
This would be awesome!
by .cosminn123
22 Apr 2016 22:28
Forum: Paladin
Topic: Are paladins needed right now?
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Re: Are paladins needed right now?

I believe mostly holy pallies are needed. Retri are sh*t DPS right now and prot pally plenty of them. But yeah, they are really good for leveling, you can do all 3 specs in RDFs until lvl 30ish.
by .cosminn123
21 Apr 2016 16:19
Forum: Events and Fan Creations
Topic: Primal SERVER EVENT!! A Waltz in the Woods!
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Re: Primal SERVER EVENT!! A Waltz in the Woods!

Dirtnose wrote:Haven't played here for months. When you say race, do you mean running to a location or a leveling race?
Read the first post: "a level one night elf race to a mystery location!".
by .cosminn123
21 Apr 2016 14:49
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Proconsul says hello!
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Re: Proconsul says hello!

Welcome to Primal WoW! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do :)
by .cosminn123
21 Apr 2016 11:38
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Primalwow RAF question & requirements
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Re: Primalwow RAF question & requirements

You should've posted this in the Suggestion section, but +1 from me. I don't get it why it should require a month old account.