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by yawadevil
05 Aug 2014 11:26
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Topic: List of Donors with illegitimately gained achievements
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Re: List of Donors with illegitimately gained achievements

HeadOwn wrote:
strudel wrote:You have some mental issues, go seek help before its too late.
Actually I'm his doctor, do u have any complaints?
Lmao.. will you be my doctor aswell xD ?
by yawadevil
08 Apr 2014 17:32
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Topic: Cannon Abuse
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Re: Cannon Abuse

my assumption is this thing might happen when a DK deathgrips the cannon.. but i think the admins can test this if my assumption is true or not..
by yawadevil
21 Mar 2014 13:58
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Topic: saying good byes
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Re: saying good byes

well cya devil it was nice knowing you for a very short period of time.. wishing you the best of luck in real life..

by yawadevil
02 Jan 2014 14:43
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Topic: Campaign warhorse abuse by Tyl
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Re: Campaign warhorse abuse by Tyl

Well i obviously did not know about this, but i cant use this as an excuse (ignorance of the law excuses no one) but im really sorry for bug abusing not my intention of abusing one.. im ready for the ban :D wont happen again tho..