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by Psychromatic
15 Oct 2016 06:31
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: A sort of good bye but not so good bye :l
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A sort of good bye but not so good bye :l

Good morning true wow. Some useless stuff here [hide]I'd like to start with thanking everyone on the server and all the staff for allowing me to be a part of this community from a player's point of view, and as a staff. Most of you know who I really am, and if you don't keep reading. I'd like to tha...
by Psychromatic
28 Jul 2016 00:15
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: [PW] Tea v Tea PVP!
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Re: [PW] Tea v Tea PVP!

Uk declared 3 days of sadness as well back on 16th dec 1773!
by Psychromatic
11 Jul 2016 11:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Vote site challenge!
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Re: Vote site challenge!

It is a known thing that other servers can buy votes on these ranking websites. Which is why it's difficult to maintain a high rank. It would be nice if everyone voted all the time and push the server higher on these ranking sites.
by Psychromatic
16 Jun 2016 23:40
Forum: Accepted
Topic: [Accepted] Topic icons
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Re: Topic icons

I am sorry but this feature isn't supported right now. Players will have to manually use the icons if they want. Locking this away.
by Psychromatic
02 Jun 2016 22:28
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Real Life Pictures :)
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Re: Real Life Pictures :)

benzviliran wrote: is that a boy or a girl in there?
You can clearly see she is wearing a dress!
by Psychromatic
01 May 2016 00:56
Forum: Rejected
Topic: [Rejected] TW - Tier 3 Set's
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Re: TW - Tier 3 Set's

I am in favour of this. Some Tier 3 sets are nice looking.
by Psychromatic
02 Mar 2016 20:13
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: PrimalWoW Monthly Screenshot Contest
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Re: PrimalWoW Monthly Screenshot Contest

Could staff members participate in this and create themed screenshots using commands?
by Psychromatic
12 Jan 2016 10:48
Forum: Resolved
Topic: RAF points
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Re: RAF points

Every reward costs one point. You need however to have earned 3 points in order to buy the mount. Just redeem every reward.
by Psychromatic
12 Jan 2016 01:22
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Deleting threads is rude.
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Re: Deleting threads is rude.

His post was merged with the original one. Thank you for your concern. Locking this now.
by Psychromatic
12 Jan 2016 01:04
Forum: Resolved
Topic: People who helped Arock in his masterplan
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Re: People who helped Arock in his masterplan

This is getting out of hand and turning into a bigger flame war than it is. I will lock this topic.
by Psychromatic
18 Dec 2015 20:08
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Thinking about playing here c:
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Re: Thinking about playing here c:

Head on over to this page right here: Read everything there, especially the parts about gear and professions and then if the terms are okay with you, request a transfer. A qualified staff member will handle the transfer and help you on the way. Welcome to True wow.
by Psychromatic
25 Nov 2015 11:15
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Merge more
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Re: Merge more

If you have a suggestion for a merge, please provide us with a server name as well so we can check it out.
by Psychromatic
05 Sep 2015 19:59
Forum: Accepted
Topic: ACCEPTED - Timear Foresees
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Re: Timear Foresees

If the quests are coded to not give emblems, then I don't see why this couldn't happen. An extra feat of strength for the whole server can't hurt.
So I will upvote this.
by Psychromatic
27 Aug 2015 16:03
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Invincible's reins
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Re: Invincible's reins

For now according to our policy, the answer will be no. Until we decide otherwise we will not hand out items to anyone. If we decide otherwise in the future it will probably be announced.
by Psychromatic
15 Aug 2015 01:01
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Chest didn't drop from LK
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Re: Chest didn't drop from LK

Has this been taken care of?