Temporary Farewell.

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Temporary Farewell.

#1 » Post by Klick17 » 29 Oct 2019 23:26

Hello everyone, I just wanna let ya know that, I've been starting to feel old when on wow, so with this said, ill be moving on with my life starting next month= November, and ill be gone Entirely!for however long i need tobe off( including website and retail) even it will be for example: 3-5 months. Starting from November 1st, ill be off the game completely and focused on my real life since I've been on this game for to long. So with this said, Not only do i wish you all a Good life, but i also wanna say to those who hated me cuz of the mess ups in raids, RHC's and low level dungeons, i hope you won't miss me since i wasn't much of a help for you during those times i was with you people. :D :) 8-) :tick:
So despite the Good and Bad times i had here with you people(no matter who you were), i won't be coming back for a long time due to the way I'm feeling as an old person on this game, and the need to move on with my life so, Not only do i Bid you a long farewell, but also i wish you a happy, good, and careful life ahead of you.
Thanks again for the time with all of you, and Farewell Truewow+ Primalwow! 8-) :) :D :tick:

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Re: Temporary Farewell.

#2 » Post by Kniteknite » 05 Nov 2019 18:11

see You soon HK, You can be any age You want . Do well, and enjoy ~ ~(KK~ ;)
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